LiftingSafety/Other Manual Wire Rope Cable Pullers and Lifting Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-1732
LiftingSafety/Other Manual Wire Rope Cable Pullers and Lifting Hoists

Available with either Aluminium or Steel bodies. Suitable for pulling, lifting, tensioning and releasing in any direction.
Tirfor Alternative with optional rope and lengths with unique 5.3 tonne lifting capacity.

Economic, yet still retaining quality.  Simple to use hand lever winches/hoists. This is the only manual Tirfor type machine we are aware of that is capable of lifting 5.35 tonne on a single line wire rope without the use of a pulley to increase the capacity.

Available in 800kg, 1600kg, 3200kg and 5350kg capacities.

Hydraulic Cable Puller/Tensioner. (Soon to be available certified for Sub-sea / ROV lifting application) The versatile hydraulic cable pulling unit is suitable for a multitude of applications in many fields of industry where loads have to be moved or tension applied during erection, assembly or whilst carrying out other functions or work. Typical applications include: Pulling together of sub assembly structures for joining, pulling of pipes, ducts and jointing, tensioning of shuttering for construction work and moving of machinery, steelwork/structures etc. Demolition work, tensioning / pulling of cables, erection of structures/lifting frames. Underground pipe replacement and bursting operations. Not to be used for lifting applications.
Hydraulic Cable Puller / Tensioner. (Soon to be available certified for Sub-sea / ROV lifting application) Hydraulic Wire Rope Pulling Machine (Tirfor Style) 6t and 12t. A hydraulic pulling or tensioning machine that is operated from a 1500lbs (105bar) hydraulic power pack suitable for use in deep mines, offshore or other industries where conventional pulling equipment or winches are unavailable or cannot be accommodated. Features include: Self articulating anchor post swivels through 360 degrees, any length of pull - governed only by length of rope used. 12" (305mm) wire rope movement per ram cycle. Not to be used for lifting applications.
Extremely portable and light-weight pole hoist ideal for confined space hoisting. Up to 9m HOL dependant on SWL.

Ideal for use in confined spaces because of the low headroom design allowing the lifting wire rope hoist to be used in very tight spaces that conventional lifting equipment can not fit. Just one tube hoist can be a simple solution for replacing several lifting and handling devices to the portability.

Features: Light in weight, alternative speed of lift, automatic fail-safe braking system, 2-speed manual operation for minimal operator effort. Speed governed descent allows smooth, effortless precise lowering. Fast for light loads, slow for heavy loads.

Manual tirfor type cable pulling device for lifting or pulling applications.

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