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Yale YaleTrac 'Y' Series Cable Puller Wire Rope Hoist for Lifting and Pulling Applications - Range from 800kg to 3200kg (Lifting Capacity)

Model:  YaleTrac Y08, Y16 and Y32 / CPM-175

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Cable Pulling Machine Y08, Y16 and Y32. A Quality Yale alternative to the Tractel versions.

0.8 tonne, 1.6 tonnes or 3.2 ton Lifting Capacity

All Rope are fused and tapered at one end. The other end is terminated with a Crosby eye hook in heart shaped thimble secured by a mechanical splice.

This product is an alternative to the Tirfor product which we also offer.

Yaletrac® cable pullers feature a lightweight, compact, high strength aluminium housing, smooth contour design with a large, flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal and vertical working positions.

Forward and reversing levers in tandem provide slim design and assure power transfer along the centre line.

Overload protection is by a shearing pin in the foward lever. Spare shear pins are conveniently located in the carrying handle or operating lever. A broken pin can be replaced without removing the load.

  • A lever disengages the rope clamp system allowing easy, smooth installation of the wire rope.
  • Yaletrac® uses a special flexible wire rope. It has six strands with a steel core.
  • The rope is tapered at one end for easy threading and fitted with a safety hook on the other end.
  • The parallel arrangement of the clamping system protects the wire rope by distributing the clamping forces evenly.
  • A long rope advance per each lever stroke increases the working speed.
  • The large opening in the top of the unit allows easy cleaning: simply flush the unit with water, apply motor oil for lubrication and the Yaletrac is again ready for use.
Yale Cable Pulling and Lifting Machine


Model Capacity (WLL) Wire Rope (diameter) mm Rope advanced per double stroke (mm) Lever pull at WLL daN Lever length (mm) Weight (without rope) kg Rope Weight (kg/m)
Y08 800kg 8.4 60 24 800 7.0 0.29
Y16 1600kg 11.5 60 30 790/1190 14.0 0.53
Y32 3200kg 16 40 50 790/1190 21.0 1.00

Optional Accessories:

  • YaleTrac Storage Box
  • Drum
  • Standard Cable Reel
  • For more information please phone our sales team on 01977 684600

Yaletrac Y08, Y16 and Y32 - Technical Drawing


Technical Specifications.

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Yaletrac_Operating Manual .pdf

Yaletrac Operating Instructions

The operating instructions contain important information on how to handle the machine/hoist in a safe, correct and economic way. Acting in accordance with these instructions helps to avoid dangers, reduce repair costs and down time and to increase the reliability and lifetime of the achine/hoist. Anyone involved in doing any of the following work with the machine/hoist must read the operation instructions and act accordingly.
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