Yale Manual Wire Rope Cable Pullers and Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-1736


Cable Pulling Machine Y08, Y16 and Y32. A Quality Yale alternative to the Tractel versions.

The wire Rope used for lifting and pulling fused and tapered at one end and the other end is terminated with a Crosby eye hook in heart shaped thimble secured by a mechanical splice. The Yaletrac is our reasonable quality alternative to the Tractel Tirfor products which we also offer. We consider it to be a good second best. Yaletrac® cable pullers feature a lightweight, compact, high strength aluminium housing, smooth contour design with a large, flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal and vertical working positions.

Available in 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg capacities.

Yale Cable Pullers and Grips. Pulling Force 2000, 3000 & 5000 daN - Yale LMG Yale Cable Pullers / Cable Grips are available with a Pulling Force 2000, 3000 & 5000 daN. The Yale LMG is a device for gripping, pulling and tensioning unsheathed wire ropes, cables and metal rods in all forms. The parallel jaws provide a firm, non-slip grip without causing damage to the wire. A special spring-loaded guide prevents the grips from dropping off the wire and affords instant release without jamming. The model LMG-II-X is supplied with grooved jaws for use on wires with tensile strength of up to 19.60 N/mm2.

Yale LM Cable Pullers

A device for gripping, pulling and tensioning of unsheathed wire ropes, cables and metal rods, depending on the rope diameter and surface integrity, up to a tensile strength of 1770N/mm2.
Pulling force 2000 - 5000 daN

The Yale LM range of cable pullers are for pulling and tensioning only and must not be used for lifting application.


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