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Camlok TRU Round Stock Grabs - Range from 100kg to 4000kg

Model:  Camlok TRU / RSG-368

Roll Pipe Lifting Clamp
Camlok TRU Round Stock Grab, Automatic or Manual Latch - 100kg to 4000kg


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Camlok Round Stock Grabs, for Lifting Tubes, Pipes, Rolls or Similar Stock up to 600mm Dia.

The TRU round stock scissor grab is designed to lift and handle material such as tubes, pipes, rolls or similar round stock material quickly and safely.

The jaws can be fitted with plastic or rubber lined pads to minimise marking of sensitive surface materials, the lining also helps prevent items slipping if the grab has not been positioned correctly.

The TRU is fitted with a manually operated pawl that locks the grab in the open position, or can is also available with an automatic latch, or ease of use and time saving (see below).

Important Note: When using protective lining, it is important that the surfaces are dry, clean and free of oil and grease.

Camlok TRU Round Stock Scissor Grab

  • 100kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 3000kg and 4000kg SWL capacity options available.
  • Jaws can be fitted with plastic / rubber pads to minimise marking of surface materials and help prevent items slipping if the grab has not been positioned correctly.
  • Designed to lift and handle tubes, pipes and rolls etc.
Tru Round Stock Grab

Technical Specifications

All dimensional information is in metric millimetres unless otherwise stated.

Model WLL Pipe Dia. (mm)(Z) Weight (kg) A B (min - max) C D E F
TRU0.1/150 100kg 50-150 3.9 270 292-458 97 43 8 17
TRU0.5/200 500kg 35-200 13.6 503 417-723 150 56 15 17
TRU1.0/200 1000kg 35-200 13.6 509 437-745 178 82 15 30
TRU1.5/300 1500kg 80-300 27 720 520-937 204 84 20 25
TRU3.0/300 3000kg 80-300 49 740 582-960 220 125 20 30
TRU4.0/600 4000 kg 200-600 204 1420 930-1815 318 205 30 35
Dimensional Drawing


The TRU must be positioned close to the centre of gravity of the load to be lifted. The working load limit of the grab should be as close as possible to the weight of the load to be lifted. The protective lining only restricts the material from lipping if the material is free from oil, grease, dirt etc.


These grabs are designed to handle round materials such as bar or tube of any material. They have the option of manual or automatic latching and various jaw lining materials.

Manual Latch and Automatic Latch


Technical Datasheet

Full technical specifications and dimensional information for Camlok TRU Round Stock Pipe Grabs.
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