Ingersoll Rand Manual Wire Rope Cable Pullers and Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-1733


P Series Ratchet Pullers 450kg single line; 900kg when rigged with a sheave. Two models with either 25 or 75 foot rope length. Standard with oversized 5/8 inch diameter high strength polyester rope which has less chance to mar surface or kink and is easier to manage than wire cable. Rope is non-conductive and can be stored or used separately. Rope pullers can handle long pulls or reaches limited only by the length of rope available. Drum after pulling a load.

C Series Lightweight aluminium design, reversible handle for easy position changes.

The Ingersoll rand C series is designed to store more wire rope than all-steel ratchet pullers. Rigged double line, they handle those long reach jobs up to 3,400lbs easily.

Cable Puller: Overload safety handle designed to noticeably bend. Ratchet and pawl system provides safe, one notch at a time lowering.

Strap Puller: Three hooks allow 2 ton capacity, 6 foot pull with double line and 1 ton capacity with 12 foot pull using single line non- conductive, corrosion resistant, high strength synthetic strap will not kink or bind

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