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Pfaff Lambda Wire Rope Winch with a Capacity of 300kg

Model:  Pfaff Lambda / PW-3157

Pfaff Lambda Wire Rope Winch - 300kg
Part N° Lifting capacity (kg) Max. wire rope capacity in 1 layer Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
300kg 10 30 £  1306.00
300kg 15 36 £  1589.00
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Wire rope winches BGV C1. TO BGV C1 (VBG70) SAFETY STANDARD.

Strong, durable winch designed specially for safely moving loads above people. Conforms to German Safety Standard BGV C1 and is ideal for use in theatres, studios and warehouses.

The Pfaff-Silberblau console-mounted wire rope winch LAMBDA has a grand entrance when used as drum winch in studios and theatres, fashion and warehouses – ideal for use wherever heavy objects weighing up to 300 kg have to be safely moved above peoples’ heads. A double-acting safety retaining spring reliably holds the load in every position. It is driven by a single-stage, spur toothed pair of internal geared wheels. This corresponds to the newest rules for prevention of accidents BGV C1 (DIN 56925) as well as the prototype- and safety-test (GS-test – tested safety) of the commitee for lifting equipment.

Features Include:

  • Grooved drum.
  • Spring loading rope pressure drum for improved one layer rope coiling.
  • Safety spring double brake system automatically holds load.
  • Optional extras include wall bracket, multiple cable grooved drum.
Pfaff LAMBADA wall mounted wire rope winch

Winch Specifications

Type Dims Pfaff Lambda BGV C1 wire rope winch
Lifting capacity kg 300 300
Max. wire rope capacity in 1 layer m 10 15
Wire rope ø mm 6* 6*
Lift per crank rotation mm 50 50
Weight kg 30 36

* Recommended wire rope: DIN 3060 FE-znk 1770 sZ-spa * All Pfaff winches are supplied WITHOUT rope.

SW K LAMBDA Console-Mounted Wire Rope Winch BGV C1 (VBG 70) Dimensions

 Product Specifications Dims   10 mtr
15 mtr
A mm 379 469
B mm 310 310
C mm 340 340
D mm 133.4 133.4
E mm 180 270
F mm 280 280
G mm 175 265
H mm 13 13
J mm 250 250
K mm 130 130


Pfaff Silverblau Lambda Hand Winch

Operating, safety and service manual.
(approx. 0.8Mb)

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