Pfaff Hand Winches, Hand Operated Wire Rope Hoists - 125kg to 5000kg

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Pfaff Hand Winches, Hand Operated Wire Rope Hoists - 125kg to 5000kg

Aluminium (light duty) wall-mounted wire rope winches. Pfaff SW-W SG L light-duty manual wall-mounted 125kg wire rope winches are supplied with a removable crank, inside brak spring retention and aluminium housing. Particularly suited to industrial use, plant construction and agriculture as they are robust and well engineered. We can also supply you with a safety lock-off removable hand crank.
Spur gear driven hand winch with enclosed gear drive for protection.
Galvanised wire rope winches.

The friction disk brake equipped with a shuttle valve on our wire rope winch prevents from unintentional lowering of the load in every position. The galvanized wire rope winches with tension loads of 150kg, 350kg, 650kg, 900kg, 1200kg have been galvanized in order to improve corrosion protection.

Worm gear heavy duty steel wall mounted wire rope hand winches.

Strength is easy to prove: For the lifting and lowering of loads our hand manual wire rope winch with worm gear and additional friction disk brake is mounted onto the wall and takes up to 5 tons tension loads. Winch housing and rope drum is made of robust steel plate. Sizes from 2 tons upwards are equipped with an additional speed increasing ratio used for overdrive.

Wire rope winches BGV C1. TO BGV C1 (VBG70) SAFETY STANDARD. Specially designed for moving loads over people, conforms to German safety standard BVG C1. This winch has a grooved drum and is driven by a single reduction pair of straight cut internal spur gears. The load is automatically held by a safety spring double brake system, each capable of holding the full load. For improved rope coiling, a spring loaded rope pressure drum is fitted. Winding on one layer only.

Steel (heavy duty) wall-mounted wire rope winches. Pfaff SG Heavy-duty hand crank winches for a tensile load of 300kg to 750kg, Pfaff-silberblau offers you winches with spur-gear units which have an externally mounted spring-loaded safety crank and steel panel housing. Features an externally braked safety crank.
Wall, floor or ceiling mounted aluminium hand winches. The wire rope winch GAMMA is a drum winch and is especially suitable for outdoor application. Winches with tension load of 500 kg and more are equipped with an additional speed increasing ratio for winding and unwinding the unloaded rope. The winch allows mounting in every position, can comfortably be operated from either end and is equipped with a removable crank. The spring retention is maintenance free.
Cast iron worm gear wall mounted wire rope winches. Main features: Suitable for wall mounting, enclosed construction, self-locking automatic friction type brake ensuring load and operator safety, a hardened worm shaft which gives prolonged operating life and an adjustable crank radius which is useful for operation in confined spaces or for light load ‘speedy’ cranking.
Pfaff Alpha spur wheel wall mounted wire rope winches with a zinc-plated or galvanised finish and load capacities of 0.3 tonne to 1 tonne The ALPHA is so versatile, smooth running and safe in handling that nearly no one in wholesale, mechanical engineering or agriculture is willing to dispense with it. A toothed spur wheel back gear, low net weight and compact design makes this winch meet every requirement. Easily mounts onto the wall with rope output possible in every direction.
Self-locking base mounted worm gear wire rope winch. The CG hand operated worm geared winches are suitable for lifting and pulling applications in exposed environments. Lifting capacities of 0.75 and 1.1 tonnes on first rope layer. Constructed from die-cast aluminium
Hand gearbox with die-cast aluminium housing suitable for use in hostile environments.

Can be used as a rotary actuator, as a gearbox for cable winches or as a gearbox for chain drives. Easy and safe operation.

Hand operated gearbox with cast iron housing mounted into a rolled section fixing bracket.

The S20 can be used as a rotary actuator, as a gearbox for cable winches or as a gearbox for chain drives. With cast iron hosuing mounted into a rolled section fixing bracket, machined worm wheel and hardened worm shaft running on bronze bushes.

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