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Gebuwin "WW-D/MR Marine Series" Hand Operated Worm Gear Winch, Range from 1500kg to 5000kg

Model:  WW-D/MR / GMWG-4750

Ww5000 Mr Marine Winch
Ww1500 Mr Marine Winch
WW1500 D/MR Marine Winch WW3000D/MR & WW3000D/MR Marine Winch



Capacity (1st Layer)
Grooved Drum
Twin Compartment Drum
Atex Certification

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Stainless steel worm gear hand winch, suitable for sea water and chemical installation.

Ww5000 Mr Marine Winch

A robust worm gear winch constructed with a fully covered gearing (IP 54).

The cable drum, the crank and all outgoing shafts are made of high quality 316 stainless steel. All fasteners are of A4 quality stainless steel. The surface treatment of the steel housing complies with the stringent paint specifications C5M according to DIN/ISO 12944.

These winches can be utilised with: sea water and chemical installations.

Product Features

  • Square worm-wormwheel transmission and maintenance free bearings.
  • Cable outlet upwards, downwards or at rear.
  • Adjustable crank, with ergonomic grip.
  • Easy to grease worm-wormwheel transmission.
  • Load pressure brake with silent double ratchet system.
  • Transmission is entirely enclosed and protected against environmental influence with protection classification IP54.
  • Cable drum, crank and all extruding shafts are made of Stainless Steel SAE grade 316.
  • All fasteners are made of Stainless Steel A4.
  • Winch frame is made of steel, surfaces are brushed and edges are rounded.
  • Paint RAL9005 (black), Thickness: 240 Micron in 3 layers (in compliance with DIN/ISO 12944, C5M).
  • Suitable for winch power tool AM5000.
  • In compliance with EN13157, DIN 15020  and EX types ATEX 114 (94/9/EG).
  • Static safety factor 4.
  • Also available with grooved drum, multiple compartment cable drum and ATEX certified.

Technical Specifications

  WW1500 WW3000 WW5000
Capacity (1st Cable Layer) 1500kg 3000kg 5000kg
Capacity (Last Cable Layer) 846kg 1667kg 3276kg
Crank force (1st Cable Layer) 14 daN 31 (14) daN 73 (14) daN
Hoisting Length by one rotation of crank (1st Layer) 9mm 11 (5)mm 13 (3)mm
Max. cable storage per compartment 41m 68m 43m
Cable Dia. (EN 12384-4) 10mm 14mm 18mm
Min. breaking force of cable 51kN 102kN 168kN
Mounting Wall, 4 x M16 class 8.8 Wall, 4 x M20 class 8.8 Wall, 4 x M20 class 8.8
Weight 30kg 104kg 135kg

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Gebuwin WW3000 / WW5000 Marine Winch
WW1500 D/MR
Gebuwin WW1500 Marine Winch
WW3000-5000 D/MR

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