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Yale HW-CS Stainless Wire Rope Spur Gear Winch - 300kg or 800kg

Model:  Yale HW-CS / SWRS-3859

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Yale HW-CS Stainless Wire Rope Spur Gear Winch

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Spur Gear Drive Manual Wire Rope Winch in Stainless Steel. (Rope not included)

HW-CS Stainless Steel Hand Winch

Supplied WITHOUT Rope, please use Quote and specify if you would like Wire Rope.

A standard yellow powder coated steel (non-stainless steel construction) version of this hand winch is also available model HW-C.

Capacities: 300 - 800 daN

These winches are NOT designed for passenger elevation and must not be used for this purpose.

Standard Features include:

  • Winching housing and rope drum from robust steel plate for high versatility.
  • Rope drum bush bearings for flawless rope lead-off.
  • Spur gear drive for optimal effeciency.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy and quick mounting onto walls, poles, towers etc.
  • Pivotable handle.
  • Automatic load pressure brake for safe holding and extremely sensitive lowering of the load.
  • Unintentional brake release is prevented even with swinging loads.
  • Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures of -10° to +50°.
  • As per the standard model (HW-C) except that the winch housing is made from stainless steel. The plain drum bearings are from bronze for additional corrosion resistance.

Stainless Version (HW-CS) Applications Include:

Suitable for use in areas where electricity is not available or where eletric appliances can not be safely operated on account of water, mud or dirt.

Again, as per the HW-C but with even more protection against the elements faced when using outdoors.


Model Lifting / Pulling cap. 1st rope layer daN Lifting / Pulling cap. Top rope layer daN Crank effort 1st rope layer daN Ratio Recomm. rope diameter mm Min. breaking load of wire rope kN Wire Rope storage max. mtr Number of rope layers max. Weight without wire rope kg
HW-CS 30 300 120 22 4.2:1 5 13.6 20 9 3.8
HW-CS 80 800 400 20 10:1 8 34.8 15 7 10.1


Reference HW-CS 30 HW-CS 80 Dimensional Drawing
A (mm) 156 216
Dimensional Drawing
B (mm) 184 293
C (mm) 88 127
D (mm) 208 319
E (mm) 27 27
F (mm) 273 308
G (mm) 51 63
H (mm) 109 109
HW_C_S_Operating Manual -1.pdf

Operating Manual

(approx. 0.2Mb)

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