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Gebuwin WA200 GR/D Worm Gear Battery Driven Winch, 200kg

Model:  GBDW-4751

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Gebuwin wall or floor mount worm drive winch, driven by a powered drill or cordless screwdriver.

The Gebuwin battery drill powered worm gear winch has a robust build and provides an effective solution for locations without electricity, as well in situations where hoisting of a load is needed for a limited distance. The winch has a flexible coupling for connecting a battery drilling machine or an electric drilling machine.

The hoisting capacity of the winch is 200kg which is calculated according to the first cable layer on the cable drum. The closed worm gear box has a transmission with a self braking capacity. This self braking capacity ensures a hold of the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering.

All rotating parts run in maintenance free bearings. The winch can be wall mounted or console mounted, and is available in grey/black paint.

Product features

  • Static safety factor of 4.
  • Flexible coupling attachment for cordless drill.
  • Self braking worm gear system.
  • Suitable for wall or floor (console) fixation.
  • Suitable for short hoisting lengths.
  • Maintenance free aluminum closed gear box.
  • Painted frame, 1 layer (60 - 80 Micron).
  • Grey (RAL 7035) / Black (RAL 9005) painted according to DIN 12944-C1.
  • Zinc-plated finished cable drum.
  • In compliance with DIN 15020 and the EN13157.
  • Drill not included.
Drill Driven Winch


Wall Mount Battery Driven Winch
Dimensions when wall mounted
Floor Mount Battery Driven Winch
Dimensions with floor mounted

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 1st Cable Layer 200kg
Capacity: Last Cable Layer (7th) 90kg
Max. Drill / Driver Speed 1400rpm
Hexagon Adapter 10mm
Max. Hoisting Speed 800mm/min
Hoist Length with 200kg and Cordless Drill 14,4V -3Ah 8m
Cable Capacity 18m
Cable Dia. 4mm
Cable Min. Breaking Load 9kN
Floor or Wall Mount Fixings 4 x M10 Class 8.8
Weight 6kg

May be subject to change

Powered Winch

Wall/Side Mounting Example
Battery Driven Winch

Floor/Console Mounting Example

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