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Tractel "TU16P" Pneumatic Tirfor, Compressed Air Operation Lifting and Pulling Machine with Infinite Height of Lift- 1600kg

Model:  TIRFOR TU16P / TTU-3254

Wire Rope Options
 Drum Reeler max 25 Metre Capacity  (£ 18.02 ) 
 Drum Reeler 26-50 Metre Capacity  (£ 16.96 ) 
 Drum Reeler 51-75 Metre Capacity  (£ 18.66 ) 

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Guide Price £ 6524.30  
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Pneumatic pulling machine weighs only 40 kg. Infinite HOL (rope length)


Work can be performed in any position; horizontal, vertical or at an angle. There is no limit to the length of wire rope, the capacity can be increased.

Safe and Reliable:

  • Constant control of the load during lifting and lowering with accuracy to within one millimetre.
  • When stationary the load is automotically distributed between the two jaw units.
  • Overload safety device.
  • TU range approved for lifting personnel in most countries.

Increased Capacity:

Using the sheave block technique, the capacity of the TIRFOR can be increased by a factor of 2,3,4 or more (see diagrams).

The figures given must be multiplied by the nominal capacity of the device.

When calculating the working load limit, include a loss of around 4% per sheave, due to the friction of the sheaves.

Tirfor TU-16A Pneumatic
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