Tractel Pneumatic Wire Rope Lifting & Pulling, Winches & Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-1730


Infinite wire rope length (HOL)

The powered models of the TIRFOR machines complement the manual units for heavy loads, such as operating large work platforms, lifting shuttering, moving machinery, etc. Depending on the application, the working conditions and the power available, powered operation can be electro-hydraulic or pneumatic.

Key Benefits: Saves time and labour, no operator fatigue, continuous operation, increased safety.

Pneumatic pulling machine weighs only 40 kg. Infinite HOL (rope length)

The Tirfor® Principle - A Tirfor® has neither wheels nor gears. Two jaws alternately pull the wire rope and the load in the required direction, just like pulling on a rope with both hands. The jaws are self clamping, proving immediate and gradual safety. The heavier the load , the tighter they clamp. A release mechanism allows the wire rope to be inserted between the jaws.

Features: Constant control of the load during lifting and lowering with accuracy to within one millimetre, when stationary the load is automatically distributed between the two jaw units, overload safety device, TU range approved for lifting personnel in most countries.

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