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Tractel "TU32P" Pneumatic Tirfor, Compressed Air Lifting and Pulling Machine with Infinite Height Of Lift - 3200kg

Model:  TIRFOR TU32P / TT-3255

Tirfor C16 Wire Rope
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 Drum Reeler 200 (26 - 50 metre capacity)  (£ 150.24 ) 

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Infinite wire rope length (HOL)

The powered models of the TIRFOR machines complement the manual units for heavy loads, such as operating large work platforms, lifting shuttering, moving machinery, etc.

Depending on the application, the working conditions and the power available, powered operation can be electro-hydraulic or pneumatic.

Key Benefits:

  • Saves time and labour.
  • No operator fatigue.
  • Continuous operation.
  • Increased safety.


Work can be performed in any position; horizontal, vertical or at an angle. There is no limit to the length of wire rope, the capacity can be increased.

Safe and Reliable:

  • Constant control of the load during lifting and lowering with accuracy to within one millimetre.
  • When stationary the load is automotically distributed between the two jaw units.
  • Overload safety device.
  • TU range approved for lifting personnel in most countries.

Increased Capacity:

Using the sheave block technique, the capacity of the TIRFOR can be increased by a factor of 2,3,4 or more (see diagrams).

The figures given must be multiplied by the nominal capacity of the device.

When calculating the working load limit, include a loss of around 4% per sheave, due to the friction of the sheaves.

Pneumatic Tirfor TU-32P

A pneumatic Tirfor TU-32P comprises a hoist (1) mounted on a 2-wheeled chassis (2), with a double-acting pneumatic ram (3), a control valve (4) and a wire rope (5).

The ram is operated from an air compressor of from an existing compressed air circuit with an air pressure of (4 to 10 bars ) 60 - 140 psi and an air flow of (500 to 700 l/min) 18 to 24 CFM.

Connection is by a 1/2" quick connector (15) for compressed air. Because of the generally difficult site conditions and to avoid foreign matter entering the system, the equipment is fitted with a filter, protected by a metal grill, to provide clean and oiled air. The air pipes are protected by an outer metal covering.

Should the pneumatic equipment stop through lack of air pressure in the circuit, or through any other reason, the Tirfor TU-32P remains under load and holds the load safely. In this case, it is always possible to operate the Tirfor machine by hand, using the telescopic operating lever.

Tirfor TU-32P Pneumatic Dims

Techincal Dimensions
Rated Load* 7,200 lbs. (3,200 kg)
Compressed air supply** 60 to 140 psi (4 to 10 bar)
Flow 24 CFM (500 to 700 l/min.)
Operating temperature 14 to 122° F (-10 to 50° C)
Forward operating speed (lifting/pulling) 4 bar: 1.97 ft./min. (0.60 m/min.)
6 bar: 2.63 ft./min. (0.80 m/min.)
7.5 bar: 3.08 ft./min. (0.94 m/min.)
Reverse operating speed (lowering) 5.91 ft./min. (1.80 m/min.)
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 37 x 15 3/4 x 24 in. (940 x 400 x 610 mm)
Weight 194 lbs. (88 kg)
Tirfor wire rope
Diameter / Construction 5/8 in. (16.3 mm) / 4 X 36 galv.
Breaking strength 40,000 lbs. (19,000 kg)
Standard length 60 ft. (20 m)

* Rated load on a single line lift. It is possible to increase capacity by using multiple sheave blocks.

** Relief valve (11) set at 110 psi = nominal capacity.

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