Yale Pneumatic Wire Rope Lifting & Pulling, Winches & Hoists

Yale Pneumatic Wire Rope Lifting & Pulling, Winches & Hoists
Quick Ref: CN-1727


Wire rope winch. (54m (250kg) / 38m (500kg) cable length)

The Yale RPA pneumatic winch has a 100% duty rating with an unlimited number of starts, which makes it very suitable for heavy duty winching applications. Another major feature of the RPA winch is that it is unsusceptible to contamination, humidity or other aggressive mediums while in use outdoors.

Features:    Robust rotating piston motor with high starting torque, designed for operating pressures 4 to 6 bar;    Spring pressure disc brake incorporated in the motor holds the load secure even in the event of an air failure;    Sensitive control by means of direct acting valves in the control switch;    NOT supplied with an emergency stop button.
Options:    Different drum designs,

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