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LiftingSafety Wireless Load Cell (No Onboard Display) - Range from 5000kg to 500,000kg

Model:  WLC-404


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Wireless Load Indicator (load cell) with 200m Range, Waterproof to IP66 Standard.

Radio telemetry system allows monitoring of load in awkward applications where twisting of the primary sensor is possible avoiding cable damage and loss of measurement.


  • Accurate and Reliable with Wireless Signal Transfer.
  • The Telemetry range not only carries on this tradition but also adds resolution of 1 in 100,000 and wireless signal transfer up to 200 metres.
  • Ten Units Operate in one Area.
  • Our well proven use of high strength to weight ratio materials allow the production of easy to handle high safety factor units.
  • Key Features of The Telemetry Range.
  • Cablel-less signal transfer up to 200 metres.
  • I.P.66 'O' ring sealing.
  • High resolution display.
  • Multi unit operation in one area.
  • Four switch able units.
  • Disposable AA battery power or re-chargeable batteries.
  • Local and remote low battery warning.
  • 4 Selectable load readings.

Controller Options

Telemetry Handset Telemetry Handset
  •   Basic Handset
  •    Robust Casing
  •    One load cell to one Handset
  •    Link must be terminated at load cell
  •    Easier To Use
  •   Up to 10 units in one area
  •   200 Metre Range
  •   Flil 6 digital display
  •   Resolution of 1: 100,000
  •   4 Switchable units of measurement
  •   Peak Hold
  •   Calibration figure retained for ease of handset change out
  •   Push button tare
  •   RS232 digital output
  •   Easy to replace disposable battery pack
  •   IP65 sealing
  •   Specialist Handset
  •    Multiple Load cells to one Handset
  •    Link can be terminated remotely
  •   Up to 10 units in one area
  •   Two units of measurement
  •   Peak hold
  •   Digital calibration
  •   Multi unit operation in one area
  •   Multi digit display
  •   Disposable battery power
  •   Optional leather case
  •   200 Metre Range

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