Straightpoint Load Cells / Dynamometers

Quick Ref: CN-2038
Straightpoint Load Cells / Dynamometers

SP wired (non-indicating) tension load indicator. Optional handheld display.
SP wireless telementry tension load indicator with remote handheld display
  •     Industry Leading Wireless Telemetry Range – up to 250 metres or 800 feet
  •     Unmatched Battery Life – over 800 hours with standard AA batteries
  •     Standard update rate 3Hz, configerable to 200Hz for dynamic load monitoring
  •     Internal Antennae – no external, easy to break, antennae
  •     Audible Overload Alarm – alerts operator to any dangerous situation
  •     Remote On-Off – easy to access remote switches
  •     Proprietary 2.4 GHz Wireless – can be used globally
  •     Error Free Data Transmission – 100% safe for lifting and load measurement
  •     Environmentally Sealed - for use in all weather a broad range of weather conditions.
  •     Compact and light – ideal for mobile use
  •     Peak Hold – high speed peak testing mode
  •     Tare – simple to use push button tare button provides both Gross and Net load values
SP atex approved/certified wireless telementry tension load indicator approved for use in zone 0, 1 and 2 hazardous areas.
SP wireless shackle type load cells. Manufactured from Crosby shackles.

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