LiftingSafety Digital Load Cells and Load Indicators

Quick Ref: CN-1479
LiftingSafety Digital Load Cells and Load Indicators

Highly accurate wireless load cell for weighing and load monitoring. Standard unit display in tonnes with other units on request
Cabled weighing load cell made from lightweight aluminium alloys.

This has a cable length of 10m, and displays the weighs in tonnes as standard, but optionally, lbs, kN and kg.

Available load ranges are : 5000kg, 12,000kg, 25,000kg, 50,000kg, 100,000kg, 200,000kg, and 300,000kg.

Industrial 5 to 300 Tonne Digital Load Indicator (load cells) With Remote Options.

Load cells suitable for the harsh offshore market place where accuracy, reliability and environmental sealing are at a premium. These load cells not only carries on this tradition but also adds resolution of 1 in 100,000, switchable units of measurement. Logging output and peak hold as standard. High safety factor. Permanent backlit display gives good visibility even in low light conditions and Logging output ideal for data collection via option logging package. Long battery life, via easily accessible batteries. IP66 'O' ring sealing suitable for offshore use.

LiftingSafety Tension Load Cell with Cabled or Wireless Digital Display Option, Range from: 1000kg to 4750kg

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