Other (various manufacturers) EN360 and/or EN341 Automatic Descender Blocks

Quick Ref: CN-1579
Other (various manufacturers) EN360 and/or EN341 Automatic Descender Blocks

Fall arrest block with built-in auto descent function for self-rescue. Conforms to EN360 and EN341.

The IKAR Devices have been specifically developed to offer fall protection and rescue in one, easy to use unit. Working similar to a car safety belt, during normal use the user can move freely whilst the galvanised steel cable lifeline is kept under permanent tension. In the event of a fall the locking system will activate and the internal brake disk will absorb energy to well below the 6kN limit required by the DIN EN 360 standard.
Product features: Easy to use, low-maintenance design. load carrying capacity. > 1 person, 12Skg - max. Various cable lengths available. Shockproof aluminium housing. Single handed, double action hook to connect to the users harness. Double action hook has swivel function to eliminate cable twisting. large carrying and attachment handle.

Miller Soll Crane Descender.Retractable Automatic Personal Evacuation Descender EN341

There are countless uses for our Retractable Automatic personal Evacuation Descender. Amongst the most common would be an emergency evacuation from a crane cabin, though it would also be suitable for any means of emergency escape or evacuation from an elevated working position. As this product  is commonly called a 'crane descender' they are often overlooked as a solution to other height safety situations. Available in lengths of 12m and 30m.

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