Miller Scaffold Hooks and Wide Jaw Karabiners

Quick Ref: CN-1658


58mm Steel Scaffolding Screwgate.

Miller ML05 58mm Steel Captive Eye Scaffolding Screwgate Karabiner was especially made for scaffolding use, it allows a safe and adapted anchorage point. Has a breaking strength of >16kN and a 58mm opening.

62mm Alloy Scaffolding Karabiner.

Miller GO60 Light Alloy Double Action Screwgate Karabiner is a light alloy connector with self locking gate and rope latch. Has an opening of 62mm.

63mm Alloy Scaffold Hook.

Miller ML04 Aluminium Double Action Scaffold Hook is used for securing an intermediate attachment to an anchorage point. Has a breaking strength of >22kN and an opening of 65mm.

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