Tractel Fall Arrest Lanyards, 100% tie-off - Twin Leg

Quick Ref: CN-1790
Tractel Energy Absorbing Lanyards - Braided Rope + Tractel Fall Arrest Lanyards, 100% tie-off - Twin Leg


Twin Lanyard 12mm Stranded Polyamide Rope with Energy Absorber The LCAD Lanyard is a twin leg lanyard and comes with an energy absorber. It is used as a connecting element between a fixed, or mobile anchorage point, and the attachment point on the harness. It is made of 12mm  Stranded Polyamide Rope and comes in lengths of 1.5 or 2 metres. The choice of the length depends on the application but the height of fall increases thelength of the lanyard required. A selection of connectors are available.The energy absorber safely stops a fall from a height. Without a shock absorber a free fall of more than 50cm can cause serious injuries. The energy absorber is the type in which the textile weft tears . It limits the shock to which the user is subjected in the event of a fall to less than 5 KN and will stop a 4 m free fall.

Tractel Energy Absorbing Lanyard, Twin Leg 11mm Diameter

Energy absorbing braided twin rope lanyard.

Available in 1.5 or 2 metre lengths with a selection of connectors

Complies with EN355

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