LiftingSafety “UK Manufactured” Manual Drum Handling Equipment

Quick Ref: CN-1937


Counterbalance Drum Handling Floor Cranes. Rim grip, Side / Top Grip or Auto Grip, stainless steel options.

Sizes and capacities can be to our customers specification therefore please contact our sales department if you would like any assistance to choose the most appropriate model and features or if you need a totally bespoke crane.

The counterbalanced drum handler is a custom made floor crane to our customers specific requirements; for example drum type, size and weight, height and reach of lift, vertical, horizontal, tilt, turn or dispense; many methods of attaching, gripping clamping to the drum. Contact our sales team with your requirements and we will design a counterbalance drum handler to your specification.

Roto-Lift Drum Rotator.

This is a compact single post manually propelled truck for lifting, transporting and rotating steel or L and XL Ring plastic drums with a capacity of 201/220 litres. It is fully operational in narrow aisles or small spaces with a full 360 degrees rotation in either direction. The gripping device is fitted with nylon belts, ratchet tighteners and rubber coated arms for positive gripping.

Versa Lift Drum Stacker with 460mm to 585mm Diameter.

A proven heavy duty drum truck providing excellent mobility and high visibility, an ideal alternative to heavier lift trucks or powered walkies. Fully adjustable rubber lined clamp jaws allowing safe automatic handling of steel drums without marking them. Can be fitted with forks for light pallet handling.

Roto-Grip Drum Grab.

A manually-propelled, fully automatic drum truck, designed for lifting, transporting and rotating steel 210 litre drums. Drum clamping is carried out by a push-button-operated electric actuator and lift and rotate functions are carried out hydraulically. The truck is supplied complete with batteries and an in-built battery charger. Bonded rubber jaws provide a tacky surface for handling most smooth-sided cylinders. Rotation is a full 360 degrees left or right.

Raptor Drum Truck.

The RAPTOR employs a 'rim grip' style grab that is able to handle virtually any kind of drum. The RAPTOR is fitted with 150mm polyurethane wheels, the rear one of which is equipped with a brake for added safety. Handles 110 or 210 litre drums. Lifting and lowering is carried out hydraulically.

Aluminium Drum Truck.

Aluminium drum trucks are non-corrosive and lightweight. Aluminium drum trucks also resist sparking. All surface areas that contact the drum are aluminium, preventing the steel-against-steel spark that may occur with standard drum trucks. This make it suitable for use in zone 1 environments. Load and unload without touching the drum using the automatic chime hook. Standard chime hook suitable for steel drums. Chime hooks for other drums available on request. Drum trucks are available with or without brakes.

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