Egg Shape Plastic Drum Fork Mounted Attachments

Quick Ref: CN-1485


Drum Lifting tongs for use with a forklift hook/yoke or crane/hoist hook.

This may be fitted under a fork mounted hook, fork or carriage mounted jib, or under an overhead or lorry mounted crane. This is semi-automatic in operation. This drum lifter is used for picking up 210 litre drums of the tight-head or open topped steel varieties. Simple but effective drum handling.

Max-e-Grip Drum Handler with 1 or 2 Drum Options.

This is a single function hydraulically operated drum grip designed for steel drums only and for stacking drums vertically. Has rubber lined jaws allowing handling of drums between 305mm and 600mm, also gives the operator the choice to be able to handle drums over rough terrain. Lift truck powered requiring that the truck is fitted with an auxiliary valve.

Multi-Grip drum handler for transportation and dumping of drums.

This is fork mounted and runs off a double action hydraulic service on the truck. The multi-grip features hydraulic gripping as well as dumping capabilities and allows easily controlled forward dumping up to 125 degrees. May be supplied with two different sets of rubber-lined jaws for handling steel and fibre drums. Can come with either a standard jaw which holds only steel drums, or a Giant jaw which can hold L Ring plastic, Fibre 110 litre, or Egg shaped plastic drums.

Mauser Drum Grab Fork Truck Attachment.

This is a fully automatic operation, secured to the truck by fork pockets and screw clamps. Designed for use with 210 litre Mauser open top and tight head egg shaped plastic drums. The arms close automatically around the base of the drum holding it securely during transportation. Available as a single drum rotator or double.

Crane Slung or Fork Mounted Universal Drum Rotator.

This is the perfect solution for the rotation of drums where the drums you are using are of mixed variety. Designed to handle any type of drum including fibre, plastic or steel, in 110 or 210 litre sizes. Can be used on a fork truck or overhead crane. Available in 4 drum types : Steel Drum, L Ring Plastic, Fibre (110 litre) and Egg Shaped Plastic Drum. Each is available with Crank Handle or Loop Chain.

Fork Mounted Stainless Steel Drum Positioner with 1 or 2 Drum Options.

This is a unique means of manipulating drums from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa without leaving the seat of the fork truck. Completely mechanical in operation, it can be used for transporting drums and for unloading and loading vehicles, drum stands, drum racks etc. The ideal attachment for advanced drum positioning.

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