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Tractel TR Minifor Lifting Hoist with Spring Loaded Cable Reeler. 230v, 110v and 400v Options - Range from 100kg - 950kg

Model:  Minifor with Reeler / M-3270

Tractel TR Minifor Lifting Hoist with Spring Loaded Cable Reeler
Reeler Capacity
Wire Rope
No Yes (20m)
Overlord Alarm
No Yes
Control Options
Additional equipment
 Sheaving Kit for TR10 / TR30
 Rope limit assembly 6.5mm
 Metallic carrying box for standard TR10 / TR30
 Plug 6-pins
 Pulley A 03
 Cable strain relief

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Universal, high performance portable electric hoists with spring loaded reeler, for work at any height.

With its simple and efficient design the minifor range makes it easy for you to choose the right hoist for your applications.

These versions give you:

  • Unlimited length of hoist cable, adapted to the requirement.
  • Spring loaded reeler.
  • WLL 100 kg to 950 kg.
  • Light, easy to handle aluminium alloy design.
  • Integral handle for easy carrying.
  • Suitable for building sites, fast setup.
  • Efficient operation with swivelling suspension hook.
  • Extremely good weight/power ratio.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Pendant control or radio operation

Conforms to European directive no. 89/392 - 91/368 - 93/44 - 93/68 - 89/336 and to standards EN 50 081-2 and 50 082-2.

Operational safety :

  • Upper and lower limit switches.
  • Brake motor.
  • Pendant control with emergency stop.
  • CE socket.


  • Spring cable reel, capacity 20 m, 27 m  and 40* m.
  • 9m/min 3-phase version, 48 VAC control, 0.55 kW motor (TR30 only).
  • Special motors.
  • Long power supply and remote control cables.
  • Pulley block kit (sheaving kit - shown right).
  • Self-locking hook.
  • Radio remote control with «lift/lower» function.

*40 m version available on request.

A larger, more robust, more diverse version of the Minifor is available in the form of the Tractel Tirak traction hoist. With higher capacities, larger drum/reeler storages and more capabilities the Tirak may be the solution you are looking for.

Minifor with spring loaded reller Sheaving Kit


Minifor Dimensions

Minifor With Spring Loaded Reeler for 20m Wire Rope

Model Capacity (kg) Speed (m/min) Motor Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Rope ø mm
Volt Type kW
TR10 100 15 230 Single Phase 0.32 30 475 / 415 / 350 6.5
TR30 300 5 110
Single Phase 0.27 30 475 / 415 / 350 6.5

Minifor with Spring Loaded Reeler for 27m Wire Rope

Model Capacity (kg) Speed (m/min) Motor Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Rope ø mm
Volt Type kW
TR10 100 15 230 Single Phase 0.32 30 510 / 415 / 350 6.5
TR30 300 5 230 Single Phase 0.27 30 510 / 415 / 350 6.5

Key Benefits

Minifor ReelerCompact, easy to handle and lightweight, the Minifor range is ideal for working on building sites.

High Performance - Sturdy

  • Excellent weight-power ratio.
  • Alminium alloy housing.
  • Unlimited length of lifting wire rope.


  • Adjustable upper and lower stops.
  • Brake incorporated in motor.
  • Wire rope diameter 6.5mm.


  • Built-in carrying handle.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Swiveling suspension hook.


  • Conforms to: Machine directive 98/37/EEC, European standard EN 12100-1 and EN 12100-2.


  • Degree of protection: IP55
  • Double-insulated pendant control with emergabcey stop button.
  • Motors with thermal production.
  • Radio control: 433MHz (418MHz at 115 volts).
  • Wire rope Ø 6.5mm; breaking load 2500 daN; weight per metre: 0.170kg.

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