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LiftingSafety Electric Capstan Pulling Winch. Twin Drums at 1500kg and 2500kg Line Pull, 110v or 240v options

Model:  CPW-932

LiftingSafety Electric Capstan Pulling Winch
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Lightweight and Portable Capstan Cable Pulling Winch twin drum, 2 speed

Cable Pulling winch available in 110 or 240 volts, with rope velocity of 2. 5 or 4 metres per minute. This is a lightweight and robust unit, with an all round tubular frame to provide extra protection. It also features reverse rotation to allow controlled release at high loads.

Because of the capstan design of the winch it is capable of pulling limitless lengths of wire. It has a selection of pulling capacities. This winch is an exceedingly versatile instrument in the workplace, both powerful and lightweight. Utilising wheels for simple transport. With anchor Points fitted, or flanges to bolt to the floors.

Supplied complete with a deadman's foot command, Thermal trip protection security and CE certification of conformity

cable pulling winch in folded position
cable pulling machine rotated overview

The lead roller can be positioned in front of either drum

The rope drums diameter dictates speed and line pull (kg) - see tables below for specs.

The anchor points on the unit allow it to be fixed to the concrete floor, the rear anchor points allow rear attachments with "D" shackles for chain / rope legs

cable pulling machine foot control
This heavy duty foot switch controls drum rotation (on or off). Pressure applied to the foot pedal lever switches the winch on, while releasing the pedal lever will switch the winch off.
cable pulling machine auxiliary rope storage drum
The auxiliary rope storage drum provides an easy means to store pulled rope. This feature helps to keep the immediate working area safe and tidy, it also permits drawing out of rope for next pull, making larger jobs easier for the user to manage.
cable pulling machine two way switch
Drum rotation is dictated by a two way trigger switch when the foot pedal lever is depressed. This machine also features a thermal trip switch which prevents the units motor from over heating.

Cable puller: Small Drum

Cable Pulling Capacity 2500kg
Rope Speed (m/min approx) 2.5
Dimensions (mm) L 655 x W 550 x H 400
Weight (kg) 80

Cable Puller: Large Drum

Cable Pulling Capacity 1500kg
Rope Speed (m/min approx) 4.0
Dimensions (mm) L 655 x W 550 x H 400
Weight (kg) 80

Running Current: 8amp = 110v - 4amp = 240v, Minimum Power Required: 3.5 KVA generator

Included as standard are the following:

Cable-puller assembly including control enclosure, Ground Frame - rear anchor points with steel 'D' shackles, Guide roller, Storage tray for foot switch and mains cable, Rope storage drum - standard and brake assembly, Foot switch (with 2 meter cable), Mains cable and socket in voltage colour (2 meters), Rope drum up stand with Dynamo bolt.

LiftingSafety Review:
This is a really popular pulling winch because of its portability and the multitude of potential uses. it was originally designed as a portable electric cable pulling winch (pulling cables through ducts) though this probably only represents a small percentage of applications for which we have supplied this winch.

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