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LiftingSafety Bi-Rotational Electric Winch - 300kg

Model:  PALW-1173

Bi-Rotational Electric Winch
LiftingSafety Bi-Rotational Electric Winch
Part N° Voltage Lifting capacity Weight Height of Lift Guide Price Quantity
1173-T13870 110v 300kg 44kg 43m £  925.00
1173-T13871 240v 300kg 44kg 43m £  925.00
1173-T13872 415v 300kg 34kg 29m £  1415.00
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110v, 240v or 415v AC Electric Bi-Rotational Pulling Winch / Lifting Hoists.

  • Bi-Rotational
  • 300kg SWL
  • Single phase or 3 phase options
    • 110v 1ph or 240v 1ph
    • 415v 3ph (includes low voltage control)


  • Electromagnetic, spring applied, failsafe brake - Provides instant, safe braking
  • Bi-rotational - Can be installed with wire rope coming off the top or bottom of the drum
  • Enclosed drum flange - Prevents rope becoming trapped between drum and support casing
  • Complete with wire rope - Galvanised for longer life
  • Compact design - For easy installation
  • 360º weighted safety hook - Swivel type with safety catch
  • 2 metre power lead - Pre-wired to the winch with commercial type plug
  • Motor to IP44 as standard - Brush type motor, no option
Electric Winch


  • Low voltage control pendant with emergency sttop (Supplied as standard on 3ph)
  • Radio remote control - via low voltage control
  • Weather proof enclosures


  • These winches must not be used for the movement of personnel and 7 wraps of wire rope must be maintained on the drum.
  • Data shown is approximate and intended as a guide only.


Model Voltage Lifting

Net weight Line speed max / min approx Duty Cycle Wire rope Motor Type Drum dimensions (mm)
Capacity Maximum lifting height (m) Winch Only (kg) Total Average Kit (kg) First layer (m/min) top layer (m/min) (mm x m) Safety Factor Type Output - Kilowatts Output - Amperes Length Drum dia Flange dia
1173-13870 110v 1ph 300kg 43 42 44 12 18 25% with a max. of 60 starts per hour 6 x 45 Minimum 5:1 - 1.5kw 20amp 150 102 180
1173-13871 240v 1ph 300kg 43 42 44 12 18 6 x 45 Minimum 5:1 - 1.5kw 10.6amp 150 102 180
1173-13872 415v 3ph 300kg 29 32 34 10 15 - 5 x 30 Minimum 5:1 Induction motor 0.75kw 1.8amp 110 94 154

* Mean drum diameter = the drum diameter plus the diameter of the wire rope

Dimensional Information - 110v/240v

110v 230v Dmensional Drawing

Winch Dimensions (mm)
Model A B C D E Fixing holes
1173-13870 / 1173-13871 156 197 300 252 624 4 off Ø 13.5

Dimensional Information - 415v

415v Dmensional Drawing

Winch Dimensions (mm)
Model A B C D E Fixing holes
1173-13872 142 142 241 210 548 6 off Ø 10.5

For Hoisting Applications

The minimum breaking force (MBF**) of the wire rope must be 5 x the lifting capacity of the hoist. The ratio of wire rope diameter to mean drum diameter* is usually at least 15:1. This will vary according to the application, the average operating time per day and the average and maximum weights being lifted.

For Pulling Applications.

As a general rule winches used in pulling applications rarely see their maximum rated capacity and are used intermittently for short running periods. In these applications the wire rope MBF** to winch rating can be a minimum 2:1 and the ratio of wire rope to mean drum ratio* as low as 10.1.

In applications where the winch is used for longer running times and more frequently sees higher loading conditions the wire rope to MBF** should be 3:1 and the ratio of wire rope to mean drum ratio* 12:1.

For Recovery Vehicles

the permissible standard of wire rope MBF** to winch rating can be a minimum 2:1 and the ratio of wire rope to mean drum ratio* only 10:1. This minimum standard is permitted because the running time is so short and the winch rarely sees maximum load.

Wire Rope Capacities

the maximum amount of wire rope on the drum must leave a freeboard to the top of the drum flange of 1.5 x wire rope diameter to prevent the wire rope coming off the drum.

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