SALA Load Arrestor up to 3000kg

Quick Ref: CN-1262

The DBI SALA range of load arrestors offer a safe means of arresting materials (not personnel) weighing between 300kg and 3000kg (various different capacity models). Cable lengths are available from 2.5m (utilising pulley) all the way up to 30 metres. Three different body sizes offer a combined total of 24 standard models.


SALA Small Series Load Arrester.

SALA Small Load Arrestors are available in the following sizes - 300kg/12m, 400kg/8m, 500kg/5m, 600kg/6m, 800kg/4m, 1000kg/2.5m.

SALA Medium Series Load Arrester.

SALA Medium Load Arrestors are available in the following sizes - 500kg/20m, 800kg/17m, 1000kg/10m, 1000kg/12m, 1000kg/14m, 1500kg/5m, 1600kg/8.5m, 2000kg/6m, 2000kg/7.15m, 3000kg/2.5m and 3000kg/3.1m.

SALA Large Series Load Arrester.

SALA Large Load Arrestor are available in the following sizes - 1000kg/30m, 1300kg/20m, 1500kg/15m, 2000kg/15m, 2600kg/10m, 3000kg/7.5m.

The Sala range of load Arrestors are safety devices used in conjunction with lifting devices, such as cranes and hoists, The load arrestor provides independent protection that will arrest the fall of a load in the event of the primary system failing and, being completely Independent of the primary lifting system, it reduces the risk of equipment damage and protects personnel in and around the danger zone.

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