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SALA "Large" Load Arrestor - Range from 1000kg to 3000kg (6 Options)

Model:  Sala P-LA / XX - Large / SLLA-2657


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SALA Large Series Load Arrester.

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Arrestor Information

  • The Sala range of load Arrestors are safely devices used in conjunction with lifting devices, such as cranes and hoists, The load arrestor provides independent protection that will arrest the fall of a load in the event of the primary system failing and, being completely Independent of the primary lifting system, it reduces the risk of equipment damage and protects personnel in and around the danger zone.
  • The minimum temperature is -5 degrees C and the maximum temperature is 100 degrees C.
  • A range of load arrestors available in three body sizes, small, medium, and large to protect loads from 1000kg up to 3000kg, with a variety of wire cable lengths.
  • The sala load arrestor is installed adjacent to the primary lifting device and fixed to a suitable anchorage point.
  • Its retractable steel cable is then secured to the load.
  • The wire rope is attached to the arrestor via an internal spring loaded drum that keeps the rope under a constant light tension yet allows unrestricted movement of the protected load.
  • In the event of a failure of the primary lifting device that allows the load to fall or descend too quickly, the sala arrestor senses a descent speed in excess of O.5m/sec and automatically engages an internal inertia-activated mechanical brake that acts on the rope drum. This decelerates and stops the lowering of the suspended load within 1m and absorbs the shock forces.

Load Arrestor features

  • Independent SALA protection.
  • Reduces the risk of equipment damage and protects personnel.
  • Protect loads from 1000kg up to 3000kg.
  • Variety of standard cable lengths.
  • Allows unrestricted movement of the protected load.
  • Senses a fall speed in excess of 0.5m/sec and automatically engages.
  • Stops the lowering of the suspended load within 1m.
  • Absorbs the shock forces.


The Sala Load Arrestors can be used in conjunction with a large variety of lifting devices, or protection of overhead loads:

  • Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Lifts
  • Lighting rigs
  • Tools / equipment

Technical specification

  • Housing - cast aluminium
  • Finish - paint
  • Cable - galvanized
  • Individual Sala serial numbers

Options Available

Model Body Size Capacity Minimum Load (kg) Cable Length (m) Brake Activating Speed (m/s) Rope Dia. (mm) Rope M.B.S. (kN) Max Stopping Distance (mm) Minimum Anchorage Capability (kN) Maximum cycles per day Maximum cycles between servicing Approx. Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
KD4PLA1030 Large 1000kg 15 30 (1- fall) 0.5 std (1 - special) 9 48 800 TBA TBA TBA 470 x 535 x 220 105
KD4PLA-1300-20 Large 1300kg 15 20 (1- fall) 0.5 std (1 - special) 10 59 800 TBA TBA TBA 470 x 535 x 220 105
KD4PLA-1500-15 Large 1500kg 15 15 (1- fall) 0.5 std (1 - special) 11 71 1000 TBA TBA TBA 470 x 535 x 220 105
KD4PLA-2000-15P Large 2000kg 15 15 (2- fall c/w pulley) 0.5 9 48 500 TBA TBA TBA 470 x 535 x 220 105
KD4PLA-2600-10P Large 2600kg 15 10 (2- fall c/w pulley) 0.5 10 59 500 TBA TBA TBA 470 x 535 x 220 105
KD4PLA-3000-7.5P Large 3000kg 15 7.5 (2- fall c/w pulley) 0.5 11 71 700 TBA TBA TBA 470 x 535 x 220 105

Sala Load Arrestors Further Information

Further information on the safe use and different methods of use on Sala load arrestors.
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Sala Large Load Arrestor

Additional Information about the Sala large range of load arrestors including safety instructions and technical information.
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Load Arrestor Questionnaire

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