Protecta Fall Arrest Retractable Inertia Reel Blocks, Self Retracting Lifelines to EN360

Quick Ref: CN-1569
Protecta are from the same family as the Sala range - owned by the group Capital Safety.
Protecta Fall Arrest Retractable Inertia Reel Blocks, Self Retracting Lifelines to EN360

3m and 6m Webbing retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Fall Arrestor Inertia Reel. Complies to EN360 The Rebel webbing inertia reel benefits from an excellent weight/ length ratio. On site, it provides exceptional safety and a high level of user comfort, due to its upper swivelconnection point and impact load indicator. The Rebel is one of the highest performance fall arresters on the market, ultra compact, extremely light, as solid as a rock and with the best weight to length ratio around. Compatible with any harness on the market. The Rebel has some amazing characteristics. Its 3m or 6m usage lengths permits work to be carried out over a large area. Its swivel connection point prevents the line from twisting. Finally, the extreme sensitivity of the lifeline reel, which puts an end to the unpleasant feeling of restraint. Overall, you have great freedom of movement, whilst remaining secured.
Self-retracting fall arrest inertia reel block. Options for Aluminium or Thermoplastic Housing. Conforms to EN360.
Self Retracting (retractable) Lifeline from 6m to 60m Stainless or Galvanised Wire Rope. Conforms to EN360.
The Protecta JRG fall arrest inertia reel represents very good value for money. This is a comprehensive range with many options from 6 metre to 60 metre, the options offered here are all steel cable though we also offer online units with a web lifeline. The JRG range of is Self Retracting Lifelines is made by Protecta who are a part of the same group of height safety companies as Sala, managed by the Capital Safety group. The range of SRL’s  have been introduce to the height safety market place as being a quality yet affordable alternative to compliment the Top of the rage Sale inertia reels that don’t compromise performance or safety. JRG SRL’s are provide  personal fall arrest protection for people working at height. Any fall protection system should reduce fall distance to a minimum and our Protecta inertia reel do just this and as a result there is less chance of injury

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