Other Miller EN361 and EN358 Work Positioning Harnesses

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Other Miller EN361 and EN358 Work Positioning Harnesses

LYNXX Harness with 2 Anchorage Points ABS shoulder adjustment. Complies to EN361 & EN358. With ABS shoulder adjustment features front and back attachment points for fall arrest. Available in size: M/L or XL Conforms to EN361 Model numbers: 1007024 M/L and 1007389 XL Please call our office on 01977684600 for more information.
Lightweight Hyrax Harness with 3 Anchorage Points (Front Webbing Loops & Side D-Rings). Complies with EN361 & EN358. Miller HYRAX Harness is a Lightweight, 3 point harness. Lightly padded leg straps for extra comfort during suspension. A work positioning belt can also be fitted. Available sizes are M/L and XL. With abs shoulder adjustment and single back connection point. Lightweight, 3-point harness with 2 side D-rings for suspension. Rear and front anchorage (front anchorage loops) and side D-rings Lightly padded leg straps for extra comfort during suspension Can be fitted with a work-positioning belt Easy-to-fit with ABS shoulder adjustment Conforms to EN361 and EN358 1007023, SIZE M/L 1007388, SIZE XL.
Sewerage Harness with 2 Anchorage Points (Chest & Back D-rings). Complies to EN361 & EN358. Miller Sewerage Harness with 2 chest D Rings, one back D ring with extension strap and comfort back pad. Conforms to EN361 and 358 Model: 1002924 - M/L
RM Harness in Elasticated Webbing with Padded Belt & Leg Loops. Complies with EN361 & EN358.

Miller RM Harness is made from a specially formulated elasticated webbing, this 2 point stretch harness conforms to the shape of the operator for improved comfort and manoeuvrability. Front anchorage loops provide an ergonomic anchorage point for use with a rope grab or shuttle. Padded belt and leg straps give a comfortable, supported or semi-suspended hands free position. One size only.

AGU300 Harness with Back and Front Anchorage and Comfort Positioning Belt to EN361 & EN358.

Miller AGU 300 Harness has a front and back anchorage point and comfort positioning belt. One front D-ring for guided type fall arrester use. Available in sizes S, M and L.

Semi Elastic Comfort Harness with 2 Anchorage Points (Front Webbing Loops & Back D-Rings). Complies to EN361and EN358. Heavy-duty 3-point harness with work positioning belt. Comfortable back-padding for supported hands-free work-positioning Rotating work-positioning belt offers excellent freedom of movement and extended reach. It has stretchable shoulder straps that move with the worker to enhance productivity through increased comfort and greater flexibility, a back pad in corduroy, easy to fit with automatic buckles. The harness conforms to EN361 and EN358. Available in size: M/L Rear, front and side anchorage (front anchorage loops)

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