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Tiger "ProLH" (PLH) Lightweight Pressed Steel Lever Hoist with Dual Brake Mechanism - Range from 800kg to 20,000kg

Model:  ProLH / TLPS-4181
Manufacturing Standard: Exceeds BS EN 13157:2004 and ASME B30.21-2005

Tiger Prolh Lever Hoist Hook
Lever Hoist With Adaptor Fitting
With Standard Hook With Adapter Fitting
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Top quality, heavy duty, compact and lightweight lever hoist, equipped with the twin brake mechanism of the Tiger SS11 for added safety. Available with Optional Top and Bottom 'Adaptor' Fittings.

Lightweight, compact and rugged construction with the handle, gear case and brake cover made entirely of pressed steel, producing strong resistance to impact damage.

Using only the highest quality materials precisely machined throughout ensures the PROLH is the ideal hoist for long term use with less maintenance and servicing costs.

These units meet and exceed all the requirements within BS EN 13157:2004+A1:2009, ANSI/ASME B30.21, AS1418.2 and SANS 1636.

A subsea version of the ProLH is also available, see the Tiger SS11 lever hoist for further information.

Key Features

  • Range 800kg - 20.0t.
  • DNV GL Verification tested according to NORSOK R-002.
  • Meets and exceeds all international standards.
  • Equipped with our unique dual brake mechanism.
  • Available with slipping clutch overload protection (load limiter).
  • Patented Quad Cam pawl system.
  • One piece construction pinion gear.
  • Light load tested and certified at 2% of the rated capacity.
  • Adaptable to use both inverted and horizontally.
  • Each hoist is individually proof tested at 1.5 times the rated capacity.
  • Using only the highest quality alloy calibrated load chains according to EN 818-7 and ISO 16872.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Individual spares readily available.
  • Operating temperature of - 40°C to + 50°C.
  • All major parts are heat treated and precisely machined.
  • Finished in high quality powder coat paint offering excellent corrosion protection.
  • Can be chained up to meet your exact requirements.
  • Available with adjustable travelling end stop.
  • Available with forged clevis adaptor components, stainless steel load chain, and spark resistant hook.
  • Can be supplied with Various Top and Bottom fitting to suit your needs, see the 'Adaptor Fittings' tab above for further information.
  • Contact us for further information.
Tiger Prolh Lever Hoist
Dual Brake Mechanism

Quad Cam Type Brake Pawls

This latest development in brake efficiency guarantees permanent engagement of at least on of the two reciprocating pawls fitted to the PROLH, ensuring the pawl only just clears the ratchet wheel, with the minimum of clearance as required under BS 4898:1973. Most importantly, in the unlikely event of a pawl spring failure, this new design will ensure the brake is still fully functional and the load is sustained without damage to the mechanism.

One Piece Construction Pinion Gears

PROLH gear boxes contain one piece pinion gears. This revolutionary process in gear manufacturing uses drop-forged raw material, precision machined and heat treated with precise ratios between teeth and body.

Light Load Protection

The unique brake system designed for the PROLH guarantees a light load protection at 2% of the rated capacity.

Overload Protection

The PROLH lever hoist can be fitted with a slipping clutch overload mechanism to protect it from overload. When the load limit is exceeded, the clutch in the chain wheel will slip, allowing the handle to be operated whilst not engaging the gear box. The prevents further lifting of the load, though lowering is still possible.

Chain Stripper

The new chain stripper is specifically designed to guide the load chain safely onto or off the load sheave without snagging or jamming. The fluted chain stripper allows the safe use of the PROLH when used in any orientation.

Brake Efficiency

Tiger uniquely uses an 8 point multistart thread pinion shaft which has measurably increased the efficiency in brake reaction times.

Load Chains

Tiger only use the highest quality alloy, calibrated load chains in Grade 80 (T) or 100 (V) conforming to EN818-7 and ISO 16872. The PROLH comes as a 1.5m standard Height Of Lift (HOL), but can be chained up to whatever length required. Stainless steel load chain is available on request.


The Tiger Lever Hoist handles are ultra strong, with strengthening side ribs which protects again impact damage, protects the ID badge / label, increases robustness and longevity, and eliminates torsion.


The hooks incorporate "EZ Check" (Patent Pending GB1420387.1) feature which allows operators and inspection engineers to easily check to see if the hoist has been previously overloaded or shock loaded, by simply measuring between the triangle of pop marks.

The alloy hooks are drop forged and heat treated and are furnished with heavy duty latch kits that fully engage into the nose of the hook offering maximum load security. The swivel hooks are attached to the yoke using high grade nuts & socket head bolts allowing for complete inspection during any statutory inspection or written scheme maintenance. Also available with spark resistant hooks.

Mechanical Efficiency

All major components are heat treated and precisely machined to ensure long term smooth operation. High gear ratios keep physical effort to a minimum.

Safety Brake

The PROLH comes equipped with a unique dual brake mechanism that automatically engages when the lever hoist feels the slightest resistance on the bottom hook. This key feature means that the PROLH will raise, hold, and lower the lightest of loads without slipping. The two stage process protects against accidental light load failures caused by putting the hoist into neutral whilst under load.

The bonded friction discs are free of asbestos and achieve highly efficient braking.


Chain end stops

User friendly heavy duty end stops make it easy for the operator to position the chain while "freewheeling”, but most importantly the standard "end stop" will hold a load of at least 2.5 times the rated capacity when supporting the full load without restraint from other components e.g. brake or gearing.

Lever Hoist Standard End Stop
Tiger Pro Lever Hoist with Standard End Stop
Lever Hoist Travelling End Stop
Tiger Pro Lever Hoist with Optional Travelling End Stop


The PROLH lever hoist has undergone a full test program that includes:

Type Testing

  • Ultimate strength test, at least 4 times the Working load limit (WLL)
  • Chain end anchorage test, passing at least 4 times the WLL without any restriction of the brake or gears.

Test on every hoist

  • Proof loading at 1.5 times the rated capacity
  • Light load testing at maximum of 2% rated capacity


High performance premium quality grease allows the PROLH hoists to be certified for use within a temperature range of -40°C to +50°C far exceeding the requirements of current standards.


The PROLH is finished in our high quality powder coat paint offering excellent corrosion protection.

End Stop
End Stop
Prolh Chain Stripper
Chain Stripper
Hook Design
Hook Design
Screw Head
Screw Head



800kg Prolh Lever Hoist
1-5 Ton Prolh Pro Lever Hoist
3-0 Tonne Prolh Pro Lever Hoist
6 Ton Prolh Pro Lever Hoist
10t Prolh Pro Lever Hoist
800kg Tiger Pro Lever Hoist 1500kg Tiger Pro Lever Hoist 3000kg Tiger Pro Lever Hoist 6000kg Tiger Pro Lever Hoist 10,000kg Tiger Pro Lever Hoist

Technical and Dimensional Specifications

Product Code Capacity (tonne) Effort (kg) Dimensions (mm) Load Chain Standard HOL (m) Mass Kg @ std HOL
A B C D E F1 Diameter (mm) No. of falls
PLH-0075 0.8 23 128 236 295 158 99 28 Ø6.3 1 1.5 7.5
PLH-0150 1.5 26 154 360 320 172 104 34 Ø7.1 1 1.5 10.5
PLH-0300 3.0 38 182 360 400 195 108 35 Ø10.0 1 1.5 18
PLH-0600 6.0 40 242 360 570 195 108 49 Ø10.0 2 1.5 28.5
PLH-1000 10.0 47 370 360 630 195 108 54 Ø10.0 3 1.5 45
PLH-1500 15.0 44 566 360 840 195 108 59 Ø10.0 5 1.5 112
PLH-2000 20.0 49 470 360 1050 250 160 84 Ø10.0 6 1.5 156
750 to 3000kg Dimensional Drawing
750 to 3000kg Dimensions
6000kg Dimensional Drawing
6000kg Dimensions
10000kg Dimensional Drawing
10000kg Dimensions
15000kg Dimensional Drawing
15t Dimensions
20000kg Dimensional Drawing
20t Dimensions

Tiger Adaptor Hoists are available with a drop-forged clevis adaptor allowing for the interchangeable range of EN1677 Tiger grade 100 clevis fittings.

This Tiger manufactured knuckle configuration gives 360° Rotation and 180° Pivot for maximum flexibility, whilst maintaining our 4:1 factor of safety at all angles.

  • Available for Tiger TCB14 / SS12 chain blocks and PROLH / SS11 / TLH lever hoists.
  • All fittings meet the standards of EN1677 grade 100 at 400°C tempering.
  • Drop forged adaptor for maximum strength certified 4:1 FOS at all angles.
  • Self-locking (safety) hook, clevis shackle, reevable egg (master) link or sling hook fitting available.
  • Overload protection available.
  • For lifting at angles (cross hauling/fleeting/drifting) with no deration.
  • Chain Blocks – 500kg – 10t capacity.
  • Lever Hoists – 800kg – 10t capacity.
Hoist Sling Hook

Adaptor Sling Hook
Hoist Safety Hooks

Safety Hooks
Hoist Main Ring

Reevable Egg Link
Hoist Clevis Shackle

Hoist Clevis Shackle

Adaptor Roation

Adaptor Hoist

Tiger ProLH Datasheet

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