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Yale "Ergo360" Lever-Operated Hoist - Range from 750kg to 6000kg

Model:  Yale Ergo 360 / YLH-4548

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New ergonomically designed, patent pending pull-lift with revolutionary crank handle.

Winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018

Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organises the iF DESIGN AWARD. The YaleERGO 360 Ratchet Lever Hoist won over the 63-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its innovative handling and its work relief. The competition was intense: over 6,400 entries were submitted from 54 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

To create the best ratchet lever hoist on the market, Columbus McKinnon started with a fundamental question – how do people use ratchet lever tools to perform their jobs?

To answer that question, a global team of Columbus McKinnon engineers and application specialists worked with the Institute for Product Innovation at the University of Wuppertal, Germany, to perform an in-depth ergonomic study. Research included more than 200 voice-of-customer interviews across 10 countries, as well as numerous on-site evaluations of real-life applications for traditional lever tools.

The study revealed that lever hoists are more often used for pulling and securing than they are for lifting. And, in many applications, proper, safe and ergonomic use is not possible.Using the data collected, Columbus McKinnon engineered and built a first-in-class product that exceeds the ergonomic and performance expectations of our customers around the world. The result is not simply the best, but rather one of the most innovative and safest ratchet lever hoists in the world – the YaleERGO 360 featuring our patent-pending Crank Handle.

Redefining lever-operated hoists, the YaleERGO 360 features the revolutionary Crank Handle that allows for efficient operation in both lifting and pulling applications.

Ergonomically designed for increased safety, the patent-pending YaleERGO 360 lets the operator to work up to 12 times faster and with as much as 30% less pull force than with conventional ratchet lever tools.

Ergo 360 Lever Hoist


Model EAN-No 4053981** Capacity Number of Chain Falls Chain Dimensions d x p (mm) Lift per full rotation of lever (mm) Handle Pull at WLL (daN) Weight at Standard Lift (kg) Weight Per Additional Metre of Lift (kg)
YaleERGO 360 750 **979625 750 1 5.6 x 17.1 27.2 20 6.6 0.68
YaleERGO 360 1500 **979632 1500 1 7.1 x 21 21.7 26 9.5 1.1
YaleERGO 360 3000 **979649 3000 1 10 x 28 20.1 40 16.8 2 (approx.)
YaleERGO 360 6000 **981055 6000 2 10 x 28 10.1 42 28.6 4 (approx.)

Features and Benefits

Crank Handle
This first-of-its-kind lever handle design will revolutionize the ratchet lever hoist industry. Its unique foldable lever handle and 360° rotating action increases productivity while reducing the risk of operator injury.

Convenient directional indicator
Easy-to-use, highly visible directional indicator located on the handle clearly shows the operating direction as lifting, lowering or neutral.

Easy & smooth free chaining
For quick take up and positioning of slack chain - even with one hand. Designed not to accidentally free chain while under load. Cast chain end stop allows the user to easily position the chain in free-chaining mode and prevents it from entering the lift wheel and jamming the hoist

Positive load control
Enclosed Weston-type brake stays clean and dry for precise load positioning.

Built to last
Lightweight aluminum housing withstands rigorous use and features high-quality, long-lasting bearings. Powder coat finish provides extra protection in harsh environments.

Excellent corrosion protection
Robust chain guide and chain stripper made from cast steel and zinc-plated for corrosion protection.

Easy-to-inspect swivel hooks
Bolt on hooks with nylon locks simplify the inspection (process). Hooks are forged, allowing them to yield under overload without breaking. Cast safety latches provide positive and secure load engagement.

Easy identification
Each unit has a unique serial number for easy and accurate identification.


Internal load limiter
Allows handle to rotate freely when hoist is overloaded, preventing damage to the unit. Load limiter units feature a black hand wheel for quick and easy on-site identification.

Radio frequency identification
Simplify inventory and inspection management processes.

Shipyard hooks
Available on 1-1/2 ton unit

The Revolutionary Crank Handle Patent-Pending Design

  • 360° rotation increases efficiency, allowing operators to work up to 12 times faster than with a conventional ratchet lever hoist.
  • Requires 30% less pull force to operate.
  • Design keeps the operator’s body aligned with the load chain, reducing the risk of the twist effect – when a hoist twists around the chain. No need to use a second hand to stabilize the hoist.
  • Operator can securely grip the grooved, no-slip handle. Made of durable polyamide with a heavy-duty steel core for rugged use.
  • Easy and effective operation from any angle with handle that folds down and locks into position on either side of the lever.
  • A distinctive clicking sound ensures the handle is locked in position. To return to the upright position, simply pull the handle outwards and snap in to place inside the lever.

Easily change your grip to suit the application

The YaleERGO 360 gives operators ultimate flexibility.

When an application requires a customary ratcheting hand grip, the YaleERGO 360 can be operated like a traditional lever tool when the lever handle is in the upright position.

180 Degree Flip Handle
Handle Rotation
Traditional Operation
Ergo 360 Side View

Easy-to-Use Directional Control and Free Chaining

Easy-to-use, convenient and highly visible directional indicator window located in the handle clearly shows the operating direction as lifting (▲), lowering (▼) or neutral ( N ).

Lifting Pulling Position
Lowering Releasing Position

Easy and Smooth Free Chaining

Allows for quick take up and positioning of slack chain – even with one-handed use. Designed not to accidentally free chain while under load. Cast chain end stop allows the user to quickly position the chain in free-chaining mode and prevents it from entering the lift wheel and jamming the hoist.

In this mode of operation, the chain can be pulled through the hoist in either direction by hand for quick attachment to the load. To engage the free chaining feature, remove the load and move the directional lever to the neutral ( N ) position.

Safe Locking Lever Selector

Safe and Secure

Selector lever locks in place to prevent accidentally switching. Pull down on the selector lever to unlock it, turn it to the desired direction, and release it into the locking position.

Free Chaining Position

Easily Carry and Transport with Just One Hand

When folded out, the lever handle can serve as a carrying grip for easy transport. Simply attach the end stop to the hook and slip the hook onto the Crank Handle to lift and carry the unit with one hand.

Easily Transportable

Dimensional Information

Model YaleErgo 360 750 YaleErgo 360 1500 YaleErgo 360 3000 YaleErgo 360 6000
A min. (mm) 320 375 445 563
B (mm) 20 26 37 45
C (mm) 27 31 40 44
D (mm) 18 21 28 35
E (mm) 327 327 377 377
F (mm) 300 300 350 350
G (mm) 40 51 57 87
H (mm) 81 96 123 162
J (mm) 121 147 180 238
K (mm) 56 69 86 86
L (mm) 105 110 121 121
M (mm) 161 179 207 207
N (mm) 30 30 30 30
O (mm) 120 120 120 120
P (mm) 257 273 299 299
750kg to 3000kg Dimensions - Side
750kg to 3000kg Dimensions - Front

750kg to 3000kg Dimensional Drawings - Single Chain Fall
6000kg Dimensions - Side
6000kg Dimensions - Front

6000kg Dimensional Drawings - 2 Chain Falls
Lifting Application
Lifting Application
Pulling Application
Pulling Application

Yale Ergo360 Brochure

Full technical/sales literature for the YaleErgo360 Lever Hoist.
(approx. 6.7Mb)

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