Tractel Lever Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-1444

Tractel Bravo lever hoists are a quality product at a fair price. These are a manual lever hoist for lifting, positioning, pulling, holding and tensioning a load. Tractel lever hoists are light weight and easy to use. They are a quality product from a top quality manufacturer. We offer a heavy duty comprehensive rage from 250kg to 10 tonne and all are fitted with 1.5 metre of load chain c/w a swivel hook. (Longer HOL on if required) The ratchet hoist is fitted with heavy duty bearings and automatic brake. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.




Tractel Lever Hoists

Tractel Bravo hand lever chain hoist for lifting, pulling and tensioning. Optional overload limiter.

Lightweight and portable with simple controls.

Bravo models, available from 1/4 to 6 tons, are suitable for a wide variety of lifting, pulling and tensioning applications: for lifting and lowering loads in manufacturing and assembly operations, removing engines, rigging and moving loads, applying tension to conveyor belts and a wide range of other applications. Available in sizes 500kg, 750kg, 1500kg, 3000kg, 6000kg.

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