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Ingersoll Rand Zinc Nickel Chrome Plated Industrial Lever Hoist - Range from 750kg to 6000kg

Model:  SI-3404

Height of Lift
Capacity (kg)
Height of lift
 Overload protection
 Corrosion resistant chain, nickel diffused
 Compliance with the European machinery directive

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Durable hand chain hoist with pressed steel body and corrosion resistance.

Give us a place to stand and we'll help you move the earth.

Archimedes' principle of leverage is improved yet again in the Silver Series Lever Chain Hoist. Meeting ANSI/ASME B30.16 and all pertinent world standards, the "-E"signifies compliance with Europe's EC95 Machinery Directive.

The patent pending "Arrow-Notch" free chain system is simple and reliable. Just one hand turns the indicator and operators will enjoy the easiest free chaining we have ever tested. Try to operate an SLB in free chain mode and the brake instantly engages, holding the load, minimizing the risk of an accident.
Silver Series has a zinc-nickel-chrome plated finish. It's more durable and corrosion resistant than paint. Looks great too.

Plus the SLB has the quality features you expect from Ingersoll-Rand.


  • Meets ASME B30.21 Specifications and HST - 3M standards.
  • Low handle force.
  • Value priced lever hoist with industrial rated performance.
  • One hand operation with the best free chaining available.
  • Shipyard hooks - available on 1-1/2 and 3 ton models only.
  • If a load is applied in the free chain mode, the brake will automatically engage, minimizing operator setup error.
  • 3/4 - 6 ton capacities.
  • 360 degree handle rotation.
  • Rubber handle grip in all sizes.
  • Reliable disc brake.
  • Premium grade 100 alloy load chain.
  • Hardened swivel -latch hooks.
  • Light weight.
  • Short handle stroke.
SLB Hand Chain Hoist


Model Nominal load capacity (kg) Pull to lift rated load (kg) Number of falls Height of lift (m) Weight with 1.5 m lift (kg) Chain weight / 1m extra lift (kg) Dimensions (mm)
A min. B C D E
SLB150 750 18.5 1 1.5 to 6.0 7.0 0.79 330 132 158 29 307
SLB200 1000 27.0 1 7.0 0.79 366 140 163 32 307
SLB300 1500 24.0 1 11.0 1.13 400 145 186 35 378
SLB600 3000 24.0 1 20.0 2.2 521 198 213 44 419
SLB1200 6000 26.0 2 30.4 4.40 640 231 213 50 419

User Manual

Comprehensive instructions of use, spare parts list, safety information and dimensional drawings.
(approx. 2.0Mb)

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