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RUD "INOX-STAR" Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt. Metric Thread - Range from 1200kg to 5200kg

Model:  INOX-STAR / SSEB-2840

Stainless Steel Swivel Lifting Eye
Dimensional Drawing
RUD INOX-STAR Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt, with Metric Thread Dimensional Drawing


Part N° Thread Size M Thread Pitch (mm) Rated Load (t) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) G (mm) K (mm) L (mm) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
2840-T19410 M12 1.75 1.2 42 14 10 30 30 32 56 18 0.2 £  76.87
2840-T19411 M16 2 2.4 49 16 12 35 35 37 65 24 0.3 £  86.76
2840-T19412 M20 2.5 3.6 57 19 16 40 40 43 74 30 0.6 £  106.81
2840-T19413 M24 3 5.2 69 24 19 48 50 53 92 35 1.0 £  152.90
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Rud INOX-STAR Stainless Steel Eyebolt.

The RUD Pentagonal design is clearly distinctive when compared to the DIN 580 eye bolt. All Eyebolts are marked with a clear WLL indication for the most unfavorable load direction. Manufactured to an extremely High Quality, With a forged ring body out of the material 1.4462, stainless steel, and then 100% electromagnetic crack detected and with a 4 :1 design factor.

When Fitting, Ensure an appropriate bore depth to facilitate an optimal sitting of the engaging surface. Without an additional washer, screw the INOX-STAR into the work piece until the seat-engaging surface of the hexagon socket bolt in the INOX-STAR evenly lies on the surface of the work piece. Always make sure that the hexagon socket bolt is tight before loading.

When impact loaded or operated in environments with skewing and vibrations, unintentional loosening can happen, especially if through bolts with nuts are used. Therefore there are additional securing possibilities, like the use of a liquid thread securing medium eg. Loctite.

In a tightened condition, the INOX-STAR must be able to swivel up to 360°.

The INOX-STAR is patent protected : GM 9402014 - and further industrial property rights are registered under GM 9316475.

Material properties

The utilized stainless Duplex-steel 1.4462 for the body and the bolt has a good resistance against wear and local corrosion like pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in sea water and high chloride and H2S containing media. This steel is very common in the construction industry, chemical industry, oil industry, food industry (only limited resistance against lactic acid), in the machine engineering for example, as REA-components and transport boxes, in desalting plants at OFF-Shore areas like shipbuilding. The material can also be utilised in the nuclear industry as far as nuclear technical requirements or object specifications do allow the usage (according to VdTÜV 418).

Turns through 360 Degrees


Thread Size True Vertical Lift Capacity (t) Rated Load (t) (0 - 90°) Thread Pitch A B C D E G K L Weight (kg)
M12 1.2 0.5 1.75 42 14 10 30 30 32 56 18 0.2
M16 2.4 1.0 2 49 16 12 35 35 37 65 24 0.3
M20 3.6 2.0 2.5 57 19 16 40 40 43 74 30 0.6
M24 5.2 2.5 3 69 24 19 48 50 53 92 35 1.0
Eyebolt Drawing

Proof Testing

There is no requirement to Proof Test RUD Products, either Bolt or Weldable after Installation if the user instructions for welding are carried out correctly. The welding should be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent welder/person.

The supporting structure, or the load, should be of adequate strength to take the stresses involved and this is the responsibility of the engineering designer or equivalent.

RUD Lifting and Lashing Products are Manufactured and conform to EN 1677. No further Proof Testing in the field is required. In fact it would be considered that the Product had been overloaded if a Load more than the recommended Working Load Limit had been applied.

RUD products should be regularly inspected in line with the requirements of LOLER and as per our user instructions at intervals decided by a competent person.

Rud Inox Star Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt 2
Rud Inox Star
Rud Inox Star Stainless Steel Lifting Eye
Stainless Steel Swivel Lifting Point Swivels to the Direction of Pull
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Additional Information Inox Star

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