SALA Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch to EN360 & EN1496

Quick Ref: CN-1563

Sala offer an excellent range of fall arrest inertia reels complete with a rescue / retrieval handle New sealed design keeps the critical working components (brake, power spring, energy absorber) free of dirt, grease, water and chemicals. Built-in carrying handle makes transport and anchoring safe and easy. It also provides a secondary “dropped objects protection” attachment point. Exclusive design provides these Sala "RSQ" sealed blocks with both fall arrest with assisted rescue capabilities and automatic self-rescue for ultimate versatility. It also features a built-in Rescue Device becomes an integral part of a rescue plan with standard fall arrest mode, automatic rescue mode, remote/assisted activation, retrieval models - built-in emergency retrieval winch for a raising and lowering personnel.

SALA Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch to EN360 & EN1496

Retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Fall Arrest Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch in 15m, 25m and 39m Lengths. Optional ATEX Certification. Conforms to EN360 & EN1496 Corrosion resistant cast aluminium, and stainless steel housing All critical fall arrest components, (main spring and break mechanism etc) sealed from external elements (dirt, moisture, oil etc) Integral rescue retrieval system, with overload clutch. Internal energy absorption system, in case of a fall, reduces forces to under 6kN, with fall height of under 2 meters. Available in 3 lengths 15m, 25m and 39m 5mm diameter galvanised or stainless steel cable Double action swivel connector, with Fall indicator, opening 18 mm Reserve lifeline system This Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) with internal energy absorption system and rescue retrieval is CE marked and conforming to the standard EN360 and EN1496. SRL’s extend and retract automatically, allowing the user move and work within a recommended working area, at peak efficiency and comfortably at normal speeds.

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