Protecta Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch to EN360 and EN1496

Quick Ref: CN-1566
Protecta inertial reels also known as fall arrest blocks have a rescue (retrieval) handle and are part of Capital Safety Group

Available from Protecta at 15 on the AD515 or 25 metre for the AD525 we offer fall arrest retriever blocks  with galvanized steel cable,  Internal shock absorbing element, integrated brake system, foolproof adjustment, impact force reduction < 6kN. Braking system, by overspeed (+/- 2m/s), by double locking paws and a breaking strength >12kN. These rescue blocks comply with standard 0086 EN 360 EN 1496 - Class B, and weight just 9.8kg and 17.2kg. Both are designed to be used independently or in conjunction with the Protecta AM100 tripods system

Protecta Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch to EN360 and EN1496

Self Retracting Fall Arrest Block with 25m Cable and Integrated Rescue Winch. Conforms to EN360 & EN1496 The Protecta AD525 retrieval fall arrest inertia reel has a built in hand winch that provides both a fall arrest solution and a rescue method should the worker have an accident or become ill while working. The AD525 inertia reel rescue block is made by protecta (Sala group) so will naturally be good quality, it is designed to arrest the fall then raise the casualty (not lower the casualty) and will fit on to the leg of the Protecta tripod. Particularly suited to confined space rescue. Please note that the winch element of this block is designed for rescue applications only and is only suited to raising a casualty, it must not be used for access or egress (suspended access work at height) / manriding applications cable, galvanised steel dia 5 mm, strength> 12 kN. internal absorbing element, integrated brake system, fullproof adjustment, double friction lining, impact force reduction < 6 kN.
Self-retracting lifeline (SRL) fall arrest inertia reel block with rescue function. Galvanised or stainless cable.

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