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Protecta "Rebel Retrieval" Self Retracting Fall Arrest Block with Built-in Rescue / Retrieval Winch Handle - 15 metre

Model:  Protecta Rebel / SRFA-4746
Manufacturing Standard: CE, EN360 & EN1496

Part N° Length Cable Material Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
15 metre Galvanised Steel 11.9 £  691.00
15 metre Stainless Steel 11.9 £  746.00
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Self-retracting lifeline (SRL) fall arrest inertia reel block with rescue function. Galvanised or stainless cable.

The 15m Rebel™ Retrieval model adds versatility and convenience to the trusted Rebel™ self-retracting lifelines. These new models incorporate fall arrest and a built-in emergency retrieval winch for rescue, making them a versatile solution for many job sites. The Retrieval models continue the Rebel™ brand’s long history of product performance and value.

Protecta Rebel With Hanle Stored
Rebel Retriever


  • 15m Self-retracting lifeline with rescue winch
  • Brackets available for easy tripod integration
  • Designed for confined space applications
  • Ready for Bracket Integration
  • Swivel Top (carabiner included)
  • Ergonomic Carrying Handle
  • Stowable Retrieval Handle
  • Optional chain kit available for increased stability - Ref: 8000021


  • Usage Length: 15m
  • Capacity: 140kg
  • Standard: CE EN 360:2002 and EN 1496:2006 class B
  • Weight: 11.9kg
  • Housing material: aluminium
  • 5mm Galvanized Cable or Stainless Steel options
  • Dimensions:
    • Thickness: 14cm
    • Width: 28cm
    • Height: 61cm
  • Gear ratio of the winch: 7.4 / 1
  • Arm length of the retrieval handle: 229mm

Cable Options

  • 3591002 - 15m Retrieval SRL with Galvanized Cable
  • 3591003 - 15m Retrieval SRL with Stainless Steel Cable

Optional Brackets

  • 35904xx - Bracket for AM100 Protecta tripod
  • 3590499 - Bracket for DBI-SALA tripods KM1PT7 and KM1PT9
Rebel Retrieval On Tripod

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