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Cromox Stainless Steel Lifting Chain Sling Assemblies, Grade 6 / 60 - Chain Diameters 6mm to 13mm. WLL 900kg to 8150kg

Model:  CSSL-4576

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Assemble a stainless steel lifting chain sling. Manufactured in Germany.

  • Grade 6 cromox short link chain and components are manufactured in Germany using the highest quality of stainless steel to achieve market leader quality products.
  • Rigorously tested in house.
  • All chains are manufactured on state of the art modern chain making machinery.
  • The cromox range of products use the highest levels of design, materials and manufacturing processes to produce the best performing products for use in the harshest environments.
  • Due to the high quality, purity and narrow tolerances of alloying elements in cromox steel, they are able to produce durable, heavy duty stainless steel products with increased corrosion and crack resistance.
  • The high concentrations of chromium ensures a strong and passive layer of chromium oxide for protection.
  • A precise amount of Nickel creates a shiny surface.
  • Other alloys like molybdenum allow for increased Working Load Limit (WLL) and a higher breaking load.
  • Available from 6mm to 13mm as standard. If you have a requirement for a larger size / WLL, 'Contact us' with your requirements and we will quote you as soon as possible.
  • Single leg chain slings (Sizes 6mm, 8mm & 10mm) can be supplied fitted with a CWHB Cromox Grade 6 / 60 Swivel Sling Load Hook with eyelet.

Load Chart

Chain Diameter (mm) W.L.L. (tonnes)
Single Leg Two Leg (0-45°) Three Leg (0-45°) Four Leg (0-45°)
6 0.9 1.25 1.9 1.9
8 1.55 2.15 3.25 3.25
10 2.45 3.45 5.15 5.15
13 3.85 5.4 8.15 8.15

*Larger sizes and all welded constructed chain slings available upon request

Grade 60 Stainless Chain Sling 1 Leg
Single Leg
Grade 60 Stainless Chain Sling 2 Leg
Two Leg
Grade 60 Stainless Chain Sling 3 Leg
Three Leg
Grade 60 Stainless Chain Sling 4leg
Four Leg

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