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Camlok TKG-VHS Self Weight-Balance Crane Forks - Range from 1000kg to 5000kg (4 Options)

Model:  Camlok TKG-VHS / SBCF-396

Part N° WLL (kg) Adjustment of Tines (A) (mm) Usable Height (B) (mm) Length of Tines (C) (mm) Section of Tines (D) (mm) Overall Height (E) (mm) Weight (kg Unit Price Quantity
200 - 1000 350 - 900 1100 - 1600 1000 100 x 30 1420 - 1920 140 £  1072.00
400 - 2000 400 - 900 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 40 1655 - 2355 220 £  1304.00
600 - 3000 450 - 900 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 50 1720 - 2420 280 £  1743.00
1000 - 5000 500 - 1000 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 60 1710 - 2410 380 £  2323.00
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Self Balance Crane Forks.

Self balanced crane tkg vhs - Loaded and Unloaded

Adjustable tines, height adjustable and automatic balancing system

A Crane fork effectively converts a hoist or overhead crane into a pallet moving tool; in some circumstances replacing a fork truck though also has many applications where a fork truck can not operated due to a lack of floor space.

Camlok self balancing crane forks require no manual intervention though do have need a minimum of 20% of the maximum SWL to work correctly, they are a quality product manufactured in the UK. We offer the standard range up to 5000kg though we also offer special bespoke crane forks at greater capacities and dimensions to suit the customers individual requirements.

These crane forks are equipped with adjustable tines, height adjustable and an automatic balancing system. Crane forks with automatic balancing* tend to point their tines upward when being transported. This prevents the load from unintentionally slipping off the tines.

The shackle is movable and runs on a track depending on the load. The automatic balancing engages by a pressurized gas spring once the forks are loaded. The load will always be in the center of gravity of the forks, ensuring a safe transport.

  • all crane forks comply to the necessary safety specifications
  • type-tested 4 to 1 against breakage
  • maintenance-free
  • highly visible safety color
  • for the transport of rings or coils, the fork tines are simply pushed together
  • easily adjustable tines for all pallet sizes
  • The gas spring returns the trolley to the unloaded position when load is removed
  • Models: TKG 1 vhs, TKG 2 vhs, TKG 3 vhs, TKG 5 vhs
  • Never subject the gas spring in automatic forks to heat.

Inspect the forks regularly for:

  • Smooth operation
  • Signs of wear
  • Signs of over loading


  1. Lift the forks off the ground and adjust the tine width if required by turning the plunger and sliding the tine along the box section. Ensure the tine is locked in new position.
  2. Position the forks centrally alongside the load, just off the ground, with the tines aligned with the tine pockets.
  3. Slowly move the fork under the load. Minimise swinging of the fork.
  4. Inset the fork to the maximum extent. Never try to pick up a load on the tips of the tines.


  1. Lift and traverse the crane hoist as the trolley moves so that the sling is vertical at all times.Care should be taken when hoisting to ensure the load does not swing back onto you.
  2. The fork is designed to lean back when loaded. Never continue to lift if the fork leans forward.
  3. Never stand under a suspended load and when guiding a load by hand always use the handles provided.
  4. Always stand clear when lifting or lowering.
  5. Position the hoist above the drop point. DO NOT try to push or pull the load into a position that the normal hoist travel cannot reach.


  1. Lower the load slowly and gently to the ground. Continue to lower until the trolley has returned to the back stop pin moving the crane with the trolley, the trolley is now in the C.O.G of the crane fork.
  2. Lift the fork just clear of the ground and remove from under the load.

General Safety Instructions

Storage: When not in use always store the crane forks in a floor area clear of danger:

  • From collision by fork lift trucks and other machines
  • Away from walkways and gangways
  • From the effects of wind and rain

Additional Safety

  • Never try to lift a load that is longer than the length of the forks.
  • Never hold any part of the fork other than the handles provided.
  • Never exceed the maximum working load limit.
  • Never fast lower always gently lift and lower.
  • Never manoeuvre loaded or unloaded forks over personnel.
  • Always keep a record of inspections and repairs
  • Forks with automatic balance feature require a minimum load of 20% of the W.L.L
  • Care should be taken to ensure the load is kept stable when lowering and releasing the crane forks.
  • Stand clear when lowering to avoid injury to your feet or legs.

Technical Specifications

Dimensional Image Model WLL (kg) Adjustment of Tines (A) (mm) Usable Height (B) (mm) Length of Tines (C) (mm) Section of Tines (D) (mm) Overall Height (E) (mm) Weight (kg
tkg_vhs_dims.jpg TKG1.0vhs 200-1000 350 - 900 1100 - 1600 1000 100 x 30 1420 - 1920 140
TKG2.0vhs 400-2000 400 - 900 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 40 1655 - 2355 220
TKG3.0vhs 600-3000 450 - 900 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 50 1720 - 2420 280
TKG5.0vhs 1000-5000 500 - 1000 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 60 1710 - 2410 380


LiftingSafety Review:
This is by far our best selling range of crane forks. They are manufactured by Camlok who are a trade manufacturer and part of the Yale group of lifting equipment companies. Made in the UK.

TKG VHS Crane Forks Datasheet

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