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Camlok TKG-VH Manual Balance Crane Forks - Range from 1000kg to 5000kg (4 Options)

Model:  Camlok TKG-VH / MBCF-397

Part N° WLL (kg) Adjustment of Tines (A) (mm) Useable Height (B) (mm) Length of Tines (C) (mm) Section of Tines (D) (mm) Overall Height (E) (mm) Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
0 - 1000 350-900 1100 - 1600 1000 100 x 30 1390 - 1890 130 £  891.00
0 - 2000 400-900 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 40 1640 - 2340 200 £  1107.00
0 - 3000 450-900 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 50 1670 - 2370 250 £  1439.00
0 - 5000 500-1000 1300 - 2000 1000 120 x 60 1700 - 2400 370 £  1959.00
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Manually Balancing Crane Slung Lifting Forks.

This is a UK manufactured range of crane forks that are CE certified. Manual positioning of the fitting eye is required by the user to ensure the load is level and safe though there is no minimum SWL as there is with automatic balance crane forks. We also offer the same basic design a Auto Balance; in other words no manual intervention is required to level the load. A crane fork is a lifting device used to adapt an overhead crane into a system for safely handling pallets.

These crane forks are equipped with adjustable tines and height adjustability. The balancing system engages when the shackle is manually hooked into the appropriate notch.

  • Safety factor 4:1.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Highly visible safety colour.
  • For the transport of rings or coils, the fork tines are simply pushed together.
  • Easily adjustable tines for all pallet sizes.
  • Comply to all necessary European Directives
  • Chain for load securing.
  • User selectable centre of gravity for many load widths.
  • Specials can be made to customers requirements with customer specified capacities and safe working loads. Offshore specification is also available as fully corrosion resistant with galvanised finish!
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manual balance crane forks Spec tkg vh

TKG 1 vh, TKG 2 vh, TKG 3 vh, TKG 5 vh

LiftingSafety Review:
Excellent quality made here in the UK, You will be able to buy cheaper crane forks with more features though if you are looking for a robust set of crane forks from a top quality manufacturer that will stand up to heavy industrial use then these will probably be a good as you can hope for.

TKG VH Crane Forks Datasheet

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