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Tractel "Safety Manual Descender" Device - Rope Diameter 9 to 12mm

Model:  Tractel 013572 / SDD-2210

Tractel Safety Manual Descender Device
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Double Safety Descent Device.

Tractel Safety Manual Descender Device

The TRACTEL double safety descender device has a hinged
mechanism. It enables upwards and downwards movements
on a 9~12 mm halyard.

This descender device is equipped with an anti-panic safety mechanism (i.e. if the operator tensely grips the control handle of the apparatus, the descender device will block) and with a dead man’s handle
(i.e. if the operator releases the control handle, the apparatus
will stop).


The double safety descender device is made of light aluminium

It is equipped with two friction pulleys and a descending
control handle.

Its hinged flange, equipped with a safety blocking release lever, enables the positioning of the cord.

  • Complies with EN 341-D Standard.
  • Operates with 9mm - 12mm Diameter braided rope.
  • Fitted with panic or emergency cut-out device system.
  • Weight: 385g.
Tractel Double Safety Descent Device Datasheet watermark.pdf

Tractel Double Safety Descent Device Datasheet

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