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Miller "Rocker" Black Manual Descender Rope Lock - Rope Diameter 10 to 12mm

Model:  BRRL-2295

Black Rocker Rope Lock
Miller Rocker Black Manual Descender Rope Lock
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Troll Black Rocker Rope Lock.

Black Rocker Rope Lock
  • Miller-Troll manual descenders are designed for rope access work where the worker manually controls his descent. For maximum safety, the manual descenders feature an emergency braking system.
  • When blocked on the rope, the manual descender can be used to position and hold the operator at a particular point.

Versatile and lightweight fall arrest system designed for use in conjunction with a manual descender for technical rope access or rescue. Compact and easy-to-use as:

  • Manual and automatic rope grab (EN353-2).
  • Length adjuster for positioning lanyard (EN358).
  • Tensioning device for horizontal lifeline (EN795).
  • Pulley blocking device.
  • Locking catch can be activated to hold the Rocker in position on the rope.
  • Suitable for 10/12mm rope.
  • Weight: 0.17 kg.
  • Troll Black range of height safety equipment is used by the armed forces (Royal Marines, Army, Airforce, RAF etc) and the Police / Fire and Rescue & the security services
  • The range is particularly suited to the TV (television) film and theatre industries for stunt work use and generally when covert concealed working at height is required


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