Locomotive Rail Handling Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-148

Locomotive rail lifting clamps offered in our clamp lifting catalogue are made by Tractel, Camlok, Riley and Yale and are designed for lifting and handling a single rail at a time or for many loco rails at the same time as a multi rail lifting clamps. We offer many different ways to lift and pull rail sections for example; rail pulling clamps have been designed for use when positioning rail sections, Multi Rail Clamps are used for the fast bulk handling of a specific rail section though we also offer versions designed for the quick and simple bulk handling of ALL rail sections. screw lock type rail clamp is designed to be attached to the rail head via a screw thread operated mechanism. Some rail clamps are designed to be used in pairs with a lifting beam and to suit a specific rail profile and others are adjustable to cover many rail sections. Please contact our sales or engineering staff for assistance. 

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