Scissor Grab Lifting Clamps for Steel Sections and Concrete Applications

Quick Ref: CN-150
A Range of Scissor Style and/or Gravity Lifting Clamps for Various Material Handling Applications

Scissor grip lifting claps are used for gripping and lifting all types of equipment, steel, concrete, plasterboard, plastic, glass and many more. On all the scissor grip lamps the gripping force is generated by the scissor action, some of these clamps bit into and before the lifting surface, others are none marking pads or a lip under the load being lifted. All our scissor lifting clamps are adjustable - they have an adjustable range that they can be used within. We supply clamps made by Tractel and Camlok and the clamps can be used to lift square and round material.  Please contact our sales or technical team if you can’t find the clamp that best suits your application as we can make specials to our customers specification. 

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