Camlok Scissor Grab Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-1740
Camlok Scissor Grab Lifting Clamps

Camlok Scissor Block Grab with Rubber Pads. Optional manual or automatic latching mechanism.

These grabs operate in a scissor action and have swivelling jaws to allow parallel lifting. They are designed to handle objects with square parallel edges such as stone/concrete blocks. They have the option of manual or automatic latching.

Grab Features: Rubber pads will only restrict the material from slipping if the material is free from oil, dirt etc; supplied as standard with large rubber pads


Camlok Round Stock Grabs, for Lifting Tubes, Pipes, Rolls or Similar Stock up to 600mm Dia. The TRU round stock scissor grab is designed to lift and handle material such as tubes, pipes, rolls of plastic and roofing felt. The jaws can be fitted with plastic or rubber lined pads to minimise marking of sensitive surface materials; the lining also helps prevent items slipping if the grab has not been positioned correctly. The TRU is fitted with a manually operated pawl that locks the grab in the open position. Grabs can be fitted with an automatic open/close device for remote operation.

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