Pulling Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-147

LiftingSafety offer pulling clamps in the section of our on-line catalogue; meant for pulling or tensioning the load and not for lifting equipment applications. Pulling clamps tend to be a screw lock design, the tighter the user tightens the screw thread the more grip is applied. Pulling Clamps are mostly used as anchor points, from this a piece of lifting equipment will be attached to allow two surfaced to be pulled together for example a fabrications to be pulled together and positioned so that they can be welded. Pulling clamps offered her are made by Camlok, Yale and Crosby (IP Clamps) and they usually have a cam pad that when a load is applied to the clamp the circular toothed pad pivots in a cam action, gripping the load, the harder the pull the greater the friction grip by the clamp. To avoid accidents please always follow the manufacturer’s operation user guide as the are limitation with surfaces and application on pulling and tensioning clamps

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