Auxiliary Lifting Magnet Tools

Quick Ref: CN-216
Lifting Magnet Auxiliary Tools from liftingsaety at competitive prices!
Auxiliary Lifting Magnet Tools

Super powerful magnetic block for clamping materials with poor magnetic properties.

Super powerful magnetic block with double magnet system, neo-dymium powered. This magnetic block features a double magnetic system, neo-dymium powered, 3 Active clamping surfaces, a steel base, allowing the clamping of the block to any magnetic chuck, adjustable clamping force for easy workpiece positioning and internal self lubrication for smooth actuation

Rectangular Permanent Magnets in Plastic Cover. Magnetic holding power on 2 sides, 2 through holes 4.5mm.
Permanently Magnetic Welding Magnets. Rigid permanent magnet with a fixed 90 angle for readily fixing workpieces.
Circular and Rectangular Electromagnetic Holders.

Our circular and rectangular electromagnetic holders are for lifting, handling and positioning of medium loads. They have a supply voltage of 24 Volt DC. Diameter 40mm - 160mm (REM-series).    

Bar sizes: 40mm x 100mm, 160mm, 250mm (VEM-series). They have a break-away force from 30kg up to 600kg.

Bux Magnetic Clamps for handling of round and flat materials. These are used for the holding of plates and the holding of cylindrical parts

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