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Chain Sling Lifting Assembly, Grade 10 / 100 - Chain Diameter 6mm to 22mm, WLL 1400kg to 39,900kg

Model:  LCS1-3025

Single Leg Sling
Twin Leg Slings
Triple Leg Chain Sling
Four Leg Slings
Single Leg Twin Leg Three Leg Four Leg
Sling Hook Self Locking Hook
Number of Legs
Chain Dia. and WLL ?
End Hook
Shortening Hook
Chain Length (bearing to bearing) (m) ?
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Assemble a grade 10/100 chain sling to your lifting specifications (lightweight option to GR:8)

Single Leg Chains, 2 Leg Chains, 3 Leg and 4 Leg Chain slings at any length to suit your application with a shortening clutch fitted for leg length adjustment.

We distribute for most reputable manufacturers of chain slings including Crosby, Kuplex, Rud and Pewag, so please contact us if you need a quote for any of these chain slings.

Grade 10 Lifting Chain Slings

  • Our G10 chain slings are made to the customers individual specification.
  • Choice of end fitting, many types of lifting hooks and shackles.
  • Grade 80 chain slings (gr 8 / GR:80) are also available from us, in sizes from 7mm up to 32mm, with capacities up to 67 tonne (on 4 legs).

Working Load Limits

All general purpose slings should be rated by the uniform load method as shown in the table below.

Safety factor of 4 on all grade 10 chain slings.

Single Leg with Self-Locking Hook Single Leg with Sling Hook
Chain Size Single Leg Chain Sling 2 Leg Chain Sling 3 and 4 Leg Chain Sling
Single Leg Two Leg
Two Leg
Three and Four Leg
Three and Four Leg
Load Factor 1 1.4 1 2.1 1.5
6mm 1.4 tonne 2.0 tonnes 1.4 tonne 2.9 tonne 2.1 tonnes
8mm 2.5 tonne 3.5 tonnes 2.5 tonne 5.3 tonne 3.8 tonnes
10mm 4.0 tonne 5.6 tonnes 4.0 tonne 8.4 tonne 6.0 tonnes
13mm 6.7 tonne 9.4 tonnes 6.7 tonne 14.1 tonne 10.1 tonnes
16mm 10.0 tonne 14.0 tonnes 10.0 tonne 21.0 tonne 15.0 tonnes
20mm 16.0 tonne 22.4 tonnes 16.0 tonne 33.6 tonne 24.0 tonnes
22mm 19.0 tonne 26.5 tonnes 19.0 tonne 39.9 tonne 28.5 tonnes

Chain Sling End Fittings

Chain Sling Clevis Sling Hook Chain Sling Clevis Self-Locking Hook
Sling Hook (Clevis) Self Locking Hook (Clevis)

Shortening Devices (Extra's)

Grade 100 Eye Grab Hook
Grab Hook (Eye type)

Unusual Applications

Recommended Load Factors for unusual slinging methods and conditions.
Factor normally applied to W.L.L. of a Single Chain.

Chain sling unusual applications 1
Chain sling unusual applications 2
Chain sling unusual applications 3
Chain sling unusual applications 4
Chain sling unusual applications 5

Chain Sling Do's and Don'ts


  • Do check the condition of the slings before each load.
  • Do check the chain legs are not twisted.
  • Do check that the load is on the centre of the hook and not on the tip.


  • Don't use the sling over the maximum working load limit.
  • Don't load with the convergence angle over 120°.
  • Don't shock load.
  • Don't use Grade 10 chains in pickling or acid baths.
  • Don't submit the chains to heat treatment.
  • Don't utilise the chains and accessories outside the temperature range -40° and +200°C.

LiftingSafety Review:
Grade 10 (grade 100) lifting chain sling assemblies are almost identical to Grade 8 (80) to look at though offer a greater safe working load for the same physical size of sling. All sling components and options (hooks shorteners etc) are the same.

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