Monorail Runway Beam Trolleys, Geared Travel (Chain Drive)

Quick Ref: CN-1419
Monorail Runway Beam Trolleys, Geared Travel (Chain Drive)

Beam trolleys (Beam runners) can be supplied with a locking device to hold the trolley in a fixed position on the lifting beam (preventing movement); this is commonly used on-board a ship.

  • Our Geared trolleys can also be supplied corrosion resistant (zinc plated or galvanised) or we can manufacture CE certified specials from stainless steel for offshore use and other corrosive environments. 
  • Explosion proof (Atex / spark proof) trolley options are suitable for 'zone 2' are available and can be made to customers requirements.
  • We mainly advertise Yale beam trolleys online, although we also distribute for all other major manufacturers which are available with a safe working load to your requirements. For example Morris, Pfaff, Donati, Verlinde, Hadef, Tiger, Hacketts beam trolleys etc..

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