Remote Release and Drop Test Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-1226
An innovative range of drop test and remote release clamps with various styles and capacities available upon request.

This Drop Test clamp is a unique product to LiftingSafety, having developed many years ago for dropping concrete sea defence weights into the sea the drop test clamp is making its revival. We decided to optimize the dropping clamp and have taken orders from all industry sectors for applications that would never have been considered at the time it was envisaged. This drop test clamp otherwise often referred to as a dropping clamp can be used to remotely release load weighing up to 25 tonnes or even greater capacities on request. The load is attached to the clamp by a master link. The clamp has an interlock system that will prevent accidental release of the load if one of the release rope is pulled during the lifting phase of the operation The dropping of any load is a dangerous activity and therefore we emphasise that the operation and user manual must be adhered to in along with the user risk assessment and method statement.

Remote Release and Drop Test Clamps

Manual, Hydraulic, Pneumatic Stainless Steel, Corrosion resistant SubSea Auto Remote Release Offshore Clamp

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